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P.F. Changs Bento (129)

Posted by on Oct 11, 2007 in Bento, Chinese, Pasta, Shrimp | 1 comment

With leftovers from PF Changs after Mr. Pikko and I have a night out to ourselves, I pack some of the leftover noodles we had in a bento, which were really tasty!

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Spaghetti Bento & 20k! (108)

Posted by on Sep 11, 2007 in 2007 Bentos, Blog, Everyday Lunches, hilo, Italian, Pasta | 2 comments

I’m reaching 20,000 hits on Adventures in Bentomaking, hooray!

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Spaghetti Bento and Drawing!

Posted by on Aug 24, 2007 in 2007 Bentos, Beef, Blog, Details, Everyday Lunches, Pasta | 0 comments

Sometimes a lazy bento is all you have time for, as was the case with this quick spaghetti bento I threw together. Enter my drawing for a cute Hello Kitty bento box!

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Ebi Curry Spaghetti Bento

Posted by on Aug 2, 2007 in 2007 Bentos, Blog, Everyday Lunches, Kids, Pasta, Shrimp | 3 comments

Marukai sells tons of easy-prep packets for dishes such as this Ebi Curry Spaghetti dish. See how it turned out when I make a bento to take with me to a car shop!

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Spaghetti & Artichokes Bento

Posted by on Jun 13, 2007 in 2007 Bentos, Beef, Blog, Everyday Lunches, Pasta | 2 comments

I pack a rather unusual bento with spaghetti mixed with artichokes and fried bell peppers!

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