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Veggie Chicken Nuggets Bento

Buddy is still sick with fever but Baby Girl is not, so she was kinda bummed not being able to go do anything. To help make the day more fun I made her a bento and set her up next to the sliding door with her little dollies so that she could have a little picnic lunch with her “babies”. I found these things at Foodland that said frozen chik’n nuggets but the smaller print said they were actually made out of vegetables. Since my niece has so kindly taught my daughter that “vegetables are stinky” I bought them right away. She ended up eating three of em, which is really good!

Veggie Chicken Nuggets Bento

I added in two shaped onigiri sprinkled with pink furikake, some steamed corn, and a mini Babybel. The Babybel turned out to be a bad idea as she decided 1 bite into the first nugget that the cheese was where the fun was at. It took a deal with Daddy, a lot of glaring, reasoning, pouting, scolding, and finally feeding to get her to eat the nuggets. Next time I put carrots in there!!!

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