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Pointless Bento

I got on the scale this morning and I’d gained a pound and a half, so apparently my 3 day dessert binge this past weekend has finally caught up with me. Plus we ate sushi last night and though I didn’t eat much, I ate past being satisfied then had Jamba Juice afterwards. *sheepish face* So today, I have an all Core bento, which I decided needed a nice joke to spruce it up. It’s point-less. GET IT? Ahahaha! No? Well, fine then. I thought it was punny.

Pointless Bento

One side has my kim chee crab and the avocado on top. The other side has some cucumber pickles that I made this morning. I finally bought this book I’d been wanting on Amazon called Easy Japanese Pickling in Five Minutes to One Day and though this is only the first recipe I’ve tried and I haven’t yet eaten the pickles, the book itself looks pretty awesome. It’s got lots of nifty pictures and easy instructions. The recipes themselves have very few ingredients. The one I chose today is called “Tosa Style Cucumber Pickles” and it took me less than five minutes to prepare. They’re to soak for 20 minutes but I only had enough time to let them soak for 15. I figured they’d be sitting in my bento for a bit anyway so it didn’t matter. It’s basically a sliced cucumber with shaved bonito and soy sauce. We’ll see how it tastes.


My fruit layer consists of yellow peach and a few strawberries. These are the good strawberries I have. To me there are two different varieties of strawberries and I can always tell which ones are the ones I like. At Costco I bought a big box of the yuckier ones (they look fat and the seeds stick out) to make fruit leather cause I bought a food dehydrator to preserve the Costco fruits we can’t manage to eat in time. It’s pretty awesome and the kids love it even though there’s no sugar added.

Doggie Woogie Box

Instead of showing a boring picture of what is just lettuce in my top layer, here is a picture of my bento all packed up in my Doggie Woogie container. Though this is one of my most costly bento boxes, I’ve found that it was well worth it. I’ve used it on many occasions and it’s the perfect size for taking a day’s worth of food to work instead of packing 3 different bento boxes.