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Green Eggs but No Ham

Sunday when I made the butter yaki I told Mr. Pikko that now that I’d gone through all the trouble of making butter yaki, his mom would make it sometime this week. Lo and behold, I arrive at her house last night to find them cooking… butter yaki!! I lol’d so hard. Anyway, I figure eating loads of butter and sugar 4 meals in a row isn’t good diet practice, so I opted for a more healthier lunch today. The bentochallenge this week is “green” so while making my egg salad sandwich this morning, I decided to participate.


This is one of my new boxes that I got at that JP outlet store. It was only 99 cents! The sides collapse and it folds up nicely to fit right into the cover, which I forgot to photograph. It’s very compact when folded up, making it a great space saver! I made the egg salad with two eggs, a bit of Miracle Whip Light, salt, pepper, and green food coloring. On the side is some sliced red bell pepper and some hummus in a little food cup with a nori face.

About to go eat it right now! 😀