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Grilled Asian Chicken Stir-fry

Last night I decided to try to make it up to my family for ignoring them for basically 16 hours while I plowed through Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by pulling out a cookbook and making something new. I ended up using my All Recipes cookbook and chose the Grilled Asian Chicken.

I took the kids with me to Foodland and as soon as we enter, there’s some Harry Potter books at the door. Baby Girl very loudly yells, “LOOK MOMMY! There’s the book Daddy stood in line for!!” If only I’d known that Foodland was going to have a midnight book sale of Deathly Hallows I would have sent my poor Mr. Pikko there instead of Borders. /guilty

Anyway, I get home and I’m starting to get the marinade ready when I realize that I can’t find my garlic and I’m out of sesame oil. Gawd was I pissed. I had to go back and buy more, grrr!! It turned out wonderful though. Mr. Pikko said it smelled really really good and I really enjoyed the taste. I sliced it up and stir fried half of it with fresh veggies I’d been chopping while the meat marinated.

Grilled Asian Chicken

Veggies included are: Celery, snow peas, sweet onion, broccoli, red bell pepper, yellow bell pepper, orange bell pepper, and sakura shaped carrots. Extreme close-up! The key to cooking veggies like this is to never overcook them. I thought I stopped soon enough but turns out I didn’t and so the veggies are a little less vibrant in color than I’d intended. The heat can always cook it more, so it’s best to just lightly cook the veggies then let it sit in it’s own heat to finish cooking. I boiled the extra marinade and added it to the veggies and this was REALLY good. Included in the corner is a small bit of rice and furikake. To accompany my bento I have a KCCA salad and a yellow peach from Costco.

I had tried to find ready-made stir fry veggies but couldn’t find any so I got the fresh stuff and that was great for taste. The snow peas were some disgustingly high price like $6.00 a pound but thankfully, the handful I bought only cost a dollar, so I guess the price wasn’t too bad after all. I bought some green onions and planted the stalks outside in our garden! Also, Baby Girl’s string bean plants have finally sprouted more beans and she should have 5 more coming along soon. Hooray!