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Spaghetti Bento and Drawing!

Bento #97 for today is a bit plain as I fell asleep early and didn’t have any time this morning to do much else than boil the noodles and top it with some veggies. Last night I ate this with regular spaghetti as I was hungry but when I took some for my lunch I only took the sauce because whole wheat pasta (which I have at home) is a Core food while regular pasta is not.


I topped it with corn and bell peppers to give it better color. I was tempted to take garlic bread, but that would have been 2 whole points right there so I thankfully resisted.

Guess what! Our season tickets finally arrived in the mail today! Woohoo! First game is next week Saturday and I cannot wait to start planning our food for those games! Last night I took video of Baby Girl doing all her cheers and I’ll get around to posting it before the season starts. I really hope her UH cheerleader outfit still fits cause that sucker was like $50. I have to get down to the Rainbotique and find Buddy a mini football jersey. There’s this cute one with the number “1/2” on the back for little boys. It’s very awww.

Since I was at the post office today shipping out bento orders, the idea came to me to have a little drawing in celebration of the big #100. So to mark the occasion, I am offering up a prize packet of one Hello Kitty bento box (I’ll discuss with you color), some soy sauce bottles, and sushi grass as a prize for a drawing. All you have to do to enter is e-mail me at pikkopots gmail dot com with the following information:

Why you like bento:

Don’t worry, I won’t post anything except your first name, country, and why you like bento when you win. On the night I’m making #100 I will write everyone’s name on a piece of paper and then have Baby Girl pick one from a bag. Hopefully she won’t produce a fist full of papers and proclaim everyone winners, cause I’d go broke sending that out!