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Meatball w/ Onigiri Bento (116)

People have been asking me WHERE I got my nori punches and the Dreamland egg thinger from and the answer is that I found it on this website. Don’t ask me how I found that link because frankly, I don’t remember. I clicked around randomly until I saw the Dreamland item, then I asked my friend in Japan to tell me if they shipped to the US. They don’t, so he offered to buy it for me and ship it to me. Each item cost 12USD. Unfortunately, I didn’t know that he was able to send it via USPS so I was afraid of how much the shipping would be if I bought more to sell, so I don’t have any extras. 🙁 I was too afraid that I’d get stuck with an item that I would end up having to charge like 20 bucks for.


Today I have two onigiri using the face punches. One looks like he’s ROFLing and the other looks like a girlie wondering what he’s laughing at! I have 3 Aidell’s meatballs along with sliced tomato and rolled up Canadian bacon cut into 3 sections.

For my bottom layer I packed blueberries, some peeled and sliced cigar mango, and some peeled and cored rambutan. My dad brought me all of this plus two fresh coconuts.


Unfortunately, some Big Island wildlife came along for the ride so now I have kobais in the house. I have no idea how to spell “kobai” but that’s what we call those irritating little fat fruit flies. The Big Island way of getting rid of them is to leave out a bottle of shoyu cause those stupid bugs love to fly into the bottle and then they drown in the sauce. My brother once told me that he told his roommate this and that he was given odd looks all around. Those ceased the next morning when his roomies saw that the flies had indeed done a little suicide mission into the bottle.

The box I used to pack it can be viewed here. I found a bunch of these at Marukai and they were only 99 cents for once, so if people are interested, I’ll be putting them up on the store soon for $1.99. I have different designs on blue, green, yellow, and pink boxes. Another update on my tomato garden, they’re turning orange already!!


I’m so excited!!!

I received my copy of Harumi’s Japanese Home Cooking last Thursday and will be trying out several of her recipes over the coming weeks and tagging those entries with “harumi”. She’s got a lot of great looking pictures in there and even a small chapter on bento! This excited me a lot so I’ll have to try those out first for sure.

I mentioned that I had something special planned for the football game but it didn’t turn out quite like how I wanted so I’m going to revise my plan and post pictures once I’ve settled on something I like.

The newspapers had all been saying that Colt Brennan was going to play, but shockingly, the game starts and Tyler Graunke is the starting quarterback. His first toss, interception. We were all very disappointed but then something unthinkable happened. The HOME CROWD at Aloha Stadium begins to boo him. Mistake after mistake people keep on booing him. I simply couldn’t believe it. I mean, I’m of the opinion myself that he was doing terrible, but I wasn’t going to freakin’ abandon him and BOO him. WTF Hawaii?

He kept messing up and I knew after a while people were going to start chanting for Colt and sure enough, despite a decent lead in points, the crowd starts to chant, “WE WANT COLT! WE WANT COLT! WE WANT COLT!” It was mind boggling. Heaven forbid we actually SUPPORT him. I wonder if anyone booing thought that maybe the booing was what kept him slipping up? And then to make things even worse for Tyler, the third string QB Inoki Funaki plays the last quarter and makes him look like a chump. I felt so bad for him. = He looked a lot better last year.

I blame the papers. They all reported Colt was playing as of Friday and I’m guessing this was to get high attendance without Colt Brennan playing. Maybe that was just what they were told, but I’m pretty sure it ticked people off. It’s sad because it means people come to see him and not the team itself, but how can you not want to see history in the making?

UH’s record: 4-0!