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Spare Ribs Bento (125)

This morning on the way to work we executed our super smart football parking plan for the second week in a row. I don’t need to go into details but I would like to boast that there will be no more parking at Radford and beyond for us! Tomorrow we play Utah State and I hope Colt’s foot is better because I cringed hard during each of his career high 5 interceptions last week against Idaho. I’ll try my football food thing again, but this time I’ll make much less.

Last night I fully intended to have a small, healthy dinner again but when we got there it was spare ribs. My mother in law’s spare ribs are by far the most onolicious things you ever tasted. For the mainlanders, “onolicious” (oh-no-licious) is the Hawaii way of saying delicious. The word “ono” by itself means delicious, but onolicious is just one of those words that people here have merged together and become common after a while.

Spare Ribs Bento

Since there are tons of bones and I love this stuff, I took a stupid amount of meat. There was a lot left in the pot, so I used that excuse as a justification to pig out two meals in a row. To try to make up for it, I packed very little rice and a lot of broccoli. Boy, did I have an adventure trying to smash the cover onto this bento! There’s a little area in the middle of the cover for the utensils and this means there’s this long thing that goes into the box when you cover it. A bit frustrating design wise, but its still a really pretty box. I added takuan and carrot flowers to add color.

Voting for the Bloggers Choice Awards ends on October 19th and while I am very grateful for the 90 votes I’ve gotten from kind readers, the highest bento blogger on the Food Blog list is still Biggie. The vegan blogs are all still tops, so let’s band together and boost her up! This is our last chance to get a bento blogger in the top 5 and I can’t think of any other bento blogger out there who deserves the recognition more than her. You have to register, but its very quick. If you’ve already registered to vote for me, it’s even easier because you can vote for more than one blog! Vote for Biggie!

Also, I got more work done on my costume last night! I’ll update my LJ in a bit. Fan Festival is already next month!!!