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Curry w/ Cream Corn Croquette Bento

In a stunning turn of events, I fell asleep early with Buddy last night so this morning instead of making a nice healthy bento I was glued to the couch trying to watch Heroes before everyone else woke up. The result is a bento of hastily prepared vegetable curry, which I just squeezed out of the bag onto some rice.

I fried the croquette in about 5 minutes although it doesn’t look very appetizing because obviously I wasn’t babysitting it while it was cooking. I always keep a thick carrot ready for slicing and shaping in the fridge so that I can make flowers really quickly. You guys already know my love for parsley decorations too.


I’ve tried to grow my own parsley but for some reason the seeds I’ve tried to plant twice don’t even germinate. I guess something is wrong with the packet I bought. Even the shiso seeds I planted didn’t sprout up! 🙁

Tonight we’re meeting some old college friends for dinner, so we’ll see how good I am about restaurant food. Last week at PF Chang’s I didn’t really hold back to well!

I LOVE that people commented yesterday with COTTAGE CHEESE and THREE FOR NOTHING! lol

I have a couple of bento orders that I have been procrastinating on and will hopefully get out tomorrow. I updated my cosplay blog recently if the FFXI folks want to see an update on my costume.

Wow!! It looks like I will be hitting 30k visitors very very soon!! I think to celebrate I will give away another bento box. 😀 I’m not sure which one it’ll be, I guess I’ll just let the winner pick from the Hello Kitty ones I have left or some of the newer 2 tier ones I’ve been too lazy to put up on the store. In any case, if you’re interested in my latest drawing, email me at pikkopots at the following info:

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