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UH Spam Musubis

Since I had no bento today due to the holiday, I’ll be posting about my food for Saturday’s football game. The Warriors played Fresno State and the stadium was almost sold out due to UH having a “rivalry” with FSU. The game was going really good until the second half when they changed their strategy. Then in the 4th quarter, Colt Brennan was knocked unconscious, which scared 48k people silly for quite some time. We’re all still very concerned as preliminary reports had him with a “grade 3 concussion”, which everyone was googling and returning back with phrases like “out for 6-8 weeks” and “career over” and “possible permanent brain damage”. Colt’s concussion has been downgraded to a “mild” concussion, but all UH fans are of course still concerned for his safety. I really do hope that he’s as well as the University and Coach Jones say he is.

Me and my MIL got drenched in beer, so that was… interesting.

Okay so onto the food… this is the “something” that I’ve been mentioning for weeks that I have been trying out for football and finally I ended up giving up on what I’d originally planned, which was green musubis with the Hawaii H logo cut out of nori and put onto a plain triangle musubi. I found out that plain musubis don’t taste that great at games. So anyway, this time I just went for the green look in a spam musubi!

UH Musubis

I achieved this with simple food coloring added to the rice before cooking. You guys have seen my coloring rice in my 100 bento, but that time I had added the coloring to the rice after it was cooked. I made 10 musubis from 1 can and cooked 3 cups of rice (3 cups raw, 6 cups cooked) with 5 drops of green food coloring. This comes out to the perfect amount of rice for 10 musubis. (at least, the way I make it)

We went to the zoo today and I was wiped out and ready to leave by the time we hit the reptile house. Unfortunately for me we ended up staying there 3 hours. Still, it was fun. I’m packing up the remaining bento orders tonight plus burning the midnight oil finishing some hats for the ZAM people to wear at the festival. I leave in two days!!