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Christmas Tree Sandwich Kit Bento (151)

I wasn’t going to make a bento this morning either because my two devils were giving me complete hell for refusing to give them Goldfish crackers for breakfast. Surround sound screaming with PMS on the side makes me go insane, but then I had a sudden inspiration for a bento and I found that making it really calmed me down.

Christmas Sandwich Bento

I call this a sandwich kit, mostly because making it into a sandwich beforehand would have looked rather boring. I cut one slice of bread into two Christmas trees using a cookie cutter then arranged it on top of some chopped Romaine lettuce. To go into the sandwich I have the last of my kim chee crab and some sliced avocado. I added in some black olives and the last of my tomatoes (which I picked this morning) for snacking and to make it look more attractive.

I wish I had more to blog, but I’m still so busy I can’t even think! I have to get a lot of stuff done to transition to my new job. Plus I am totally stressing about this weekend’s game. GO BOWS!!!

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  • Mer

    I love the idea of a “sandwich kit”! I will have to make one, at some point. :0)

    I also love how nice and bright all your photos are. Do you have any secrets to pass along on that?

  • Pikko

    I take my pictures in the bright kitchen with no flash, then I use Photoshop to brighten the image. If you don’t have Photoshop, you can use Picasa, which has easy one click brightening!

  • InspiredMumof2

    Hi pikko, your bentos are really nice, very impressed 🙂 I’m a beginner here, will check back here for more. Cheers

  • Mer

    Thanks for the tip!

    I need to figure out how to turn the flash off on my little camera. Never thought of brightening them in my iPhoto program. Seems like that would work.

    Thanks again!