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Star Spaghetti Bento

My MIL had a lot of leftover spaghetti from earlier in the week and I was more than happy to offer to take it home because then I didn’t have to cook. Even after we ate, there was still a lot left so I brought some for lunch today. I didn’t have much time because I was lazy this morning, so all I did to decorate it was to put some star shaped cheese and then a piece of parsley, which, if you look carefully, is terribly wilted.


I learned a lot of things this weekend. For one, it’s a mega pain in the ass to have to do anti-fraud stuff to prevent identity theft. We changed bank accounts, called Social Security, put fraud alerts out, etc. Two, I learned that it’s best to make completely sure that your friendly neighborhood burglar did actually take your social security cards because if you should find them later, you feel pretty stupid.

But, we won’t talk about that. Let’s just say I’m relieved and leave it at that. The good news is there might be a lead on who did it. Hooray!

With our house in complete disorder (15% from burglar, 70% from kids, 15% from general messiness) I had to do some cleaning and this led me to start thoroughly cleaning out the kids’ room, which has become a disastrous storage area that things get literally tossed into when guests come over. What I learned from this was that closet doors are very frustrating to put back in, so it’s best not to accidently rip them off track. Then I learned that I still fit into my prom dress from 1996, which was frickin’ awesome. I have to get that thing cleaned and preserved or something. Baby Girl was very upset and loudly demanded, “WHY DIDN’T YOU BUY ONE FOR ME, MOMMY???” I found pictures too and I thought about scanning them, but then decided my head was too fat. The last thing I learned was that when you drop a couple dozen child hangers into unraveled and tangled kite string, you are in for some hell and the people near you will have to cover their ears.

On Sunday we decided to eat cheap and had lunch from McDonald’s. Happy Meal toys really aren’t what they used to be…


If you look at this picture you will see this bizarre looking toy that came with the meal. Look at the instructions… I mean… what? Is it just a stencil and the weird looking creature holds it?? There is a little lever on the side and if you move it up and down, the freaky thing makes like he’s manhandling his invisible alien peepee. Great toy, really.