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Lunch Meeting @ The Willows

I have no bento today as I will be at a lunch meeting at The Willows. They have a great Hawaiian buffet and I’ll be sure to have my camera on hand this time! I don’t think I’ve ever arranged buffet food on my plate with this blog in mind, so we’ll see how I do. I think I’ll have to check everything out before I start. My co-worker and I have said that we’ll make sure we watch what the other person eats so that we don’t go crazy. This morning I was 127.7! I’ll update later tonight with photos as I forgot to bring my USB cable to work with me.


Ok, so all did not go exactly as planned. I ate a whole lot of food. Most of it was vegetables, but I still overate and then I couldn’t resist getting a little cup of strawberry cheesecake and a small piece of haupia. D:

In the middle is some Caesar salad with a couple of croutons. On the sides going clockwise starting with the pea salad is a tomato salad with mozzarella balls, a small bit of pasta salad, bean sprouts namul, misoyaki butterfish, seared ahi and tofu salad, cantaloupe and watermelon, ahi limu poke, and lomilomi salmon.

I ate everything except the bean sprouts namul, which tasted rather weird. I ate all the poke, but it had limu on it, which I can’t stand because it tastes exactly like the ocean. On the side I tried some turkey and rice soup, but that had a heavy coconut milk taste, so I decided to skip it (which is pretty dumb considering I ended up eating haupia anyway). I also had a small cup of chicken long rice, which was really yummy!!

It was a pretty darned expensive lunch and I was lucky to score this through work. The buffet price was around $29.00 if I remember correctly. They had other things that looked good like roast turkey, laulau, roast beef, chicken, and lots of other desserts, but there’s only so much room in my tummy. The worst thing I ate on this place was probably the pea salad, which obviously contains a lot of mayo, but is still really yummy! The Willows is a very nice restaurant in the middle of a lot of buildings and I had my first baby shower here. Located in the middle of a rather icky area, it’s kind of like a Hawaiian oasis.