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Beef Curry Bento

A couple days ago I found out that one of my favorite “secondary” TV shows, The 4400, had been canceled. This severely pissed me off as it had been in my opinion, one of the best shows on USA. Granted, it was also the ONLY show I watched on USA, but that’s neither here nor there. The theme song by Amanda Abizaid is my cell phone ringtone. It’s a great lil tune!

So anyway, yeah, I’m mad. Especially since this is the THIRD good, quality show that has been canceled in the past year. (the second being Journeyman) However, I was happy to find out that there is a movement to save the show, much like the one that successfully saved Jericho. If I’d had my way I would have picked The 4400 over Jericho hands down. You can buy sunflower seeds to send to the network to protest the cancellation. It’s 5 bucks though… so I’m still debating. lol Some fan I am.

Beef Curry Bento

For lunch today I am having beef curry rice with curry croquette. I plucked out the carrot slices and cut them into flowers with my veggie cutter and then shoved the leftover carrots underneath. The flowers are a little thick, but I didn’t have time to slice them up. I had fried two croquettes, but burned the first one by accident… It wouldn’t have fit in the bento box anyway!!

My ear has become a mess. I’ve got this bumpy rash all over it and I totally blame my little eye makeup remover snafu. I can’t even tell if it’s swollen because all I can think about is how badly it itches. If the rash doesn’t clear up soon, I’m definitely going to see my dermatologist.