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Curse you, teaspoons!!

I was pretty bothered by the teaspoon debacle since a few people seemed to agree on one thing: 1/4 teaspoon pepper isn’t that much. I started thinking that they had to be right and something was very wrong in Pikko Teaspoon Land. On a hunch, I picked out my teaspoon, my 1/4 teaspoon, and my 1/8 teaspoon.

I KNEW I WASN’T CRAZY!! If you can’t tell by the sizes in the picture alone, I will tell you that I was able to pour TWO “1/4” teaspoons water into ONE teaspoon. I found a different brand of measuring spoon in my drawer that said 1/2 teaspoon and when I poured the “1/4” teaspoon in, it filled it up perfectly.

That’s not all that’s wrong too! My 1/8 teaspoon is wrong too, since I can fit FOUR “1/8” teaspoons into a teaspoon. And it’s not like I’m making a mistake with the lower case t and the upper case T because as you can clearly see, it spells out “teaspoon” on it. I’m very disappointed because I love this set of spoons and I’ve been relying on it for a while now…

At least now you guys can be like, “Wow, half a teaspoon of pepper in 2 large eggs. Yeesh!” ^_^

I will not have a bento until Wednesday, as I will be attending and helping at the Pac Rim Conference on Monday and Tuesday for work.

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  • honugurl16

    Stumbled across your blog. I grew up in Manoa! I just bought some bento stuff to make my son’s lunches. I’m a little worried about keeping the food from spoiling. Also, where do you buy your bento stuff? 99cent store doesn’t have too much. Do you go to Shirokiya?

  • Pikko

    Hello hello and welcome! 99 Cent store is where I’ve gotten most of my boxes, but you have to be pretty lucky to make a trip when they have boxes in stock. Shirokiya only has those fancy pants boxes that cost arms and legs and they reduced their stock by a lot too. 🙁

  • honugurl16

    Hi, again! Can the bento boxes from 99 cent store be microwaved, or am I out of luck?

  • jef

    Those really do look on the large side. That’s what you get for measuring spices 🙂

    Just goes to show you that you can’t rely on recipes to tell you how much you should season.

  • Yvo

    Aish, that would really upset me too! WTH!

  • CW Guy

    Hmm, isn’t that a bummer! You’d think that since those measuring spoons have one main use (measuring), the maker would be extra careful.

    I guess it’s better just to figure it out now though, shake your fist at them, and move on.

    CW Guy
    Wine Reviews

  • Georgia

    Darn thats so weird about the spoons. Do you think its just your set? Or maybe teaspoons are defected everywhere! Im going to have to investigate this when I get home.

  • Marryth

    Now I’m curious about my own measuring spoons…I wonder if they are scaled properly? Hrm.

    Test time, tomorrow! 😛

  • Ellen

    That’s terrible! Now I got to go home and check my spoons!