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Mini Teri Beef Kabobs Bento (233)

Yesterday the in-laws bought meat from a golf country club in Mililani called Alonzo’s Meat Market. The meat was SOOOOOO tender, omg! If you’re one of my Oahu readers, you have got to try this meat!! It’s pre-marinated and ready to grill. I think they even sell it already cooked too. I tried looking them up on Yahoo, but couldn’t find anything. Perhaps this is a phantom meat market!

Mini Teri Beef Kabobs Bento

I used the meat I took to make mini kabobs. I used long picks to skewer green bell peppers, meat, and onions. To cook the veggies I just put a pan on high and put them in plain. Turned out pretty well! I added baby carrots, slices of pineapple (separated by food dividers), and some halved strawberries.

I’ve been invited to Square Enix’s 2008 Premier Site Summit, so if all goes according to plan, I’ll be making a trip out to LA next month! Woo! Very fun! 😀

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  • Kay

    Can those food divider be re-use?

  • Gaspode – Asura

    Wow Squeenix wants you! How cool is that? I love Pikko Pots, it’s made me some gil and yummy food! Good luck and have fun in Cali!

  • Kainoa

    The “Hawaiian Steak” as it’s listed on the menu at the Mililani Golf Course Restaurant is super soft and very ono!! The used to have a shop in Waipahu called Alonzo Meats and Poke, they then move to behind Cutter Ford before taking over at the golf course. Great food there, everything made to order.

  • Gaspode – Asura

    Kay, the dividers are supposed to be thrown away I think, but they are made of plastic, so I always wash them by hand and re-use them.

  • Pikko

    Hey Kainoa! I finally found their site last nite. And yes, sooo ono!!

    Gaspode – It always cracks me up to find FFXI people reading my bento blog too, haha! And I wash the dividers too. +_+

  • Gaspode – Asura

    Tarus like bentos and cuteness too you know! ;_;
    Crystal: Earth
    1 Naval Rice Ball
    1 serving of Windurst Salad
    1 Papaka Grass (divider ^^)
    1 bunch Yagudo Cherries
    1 San d’orian Carrot