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Aloha Friday Bento (244)

Yeesh, this is bento #244. Before I know it, I’ll be at lunch 300! +_+ What should I make for that? A Sparta bento with 300 toothpicks for spears? THIS… IS… BENTO!!!! Hahahahaha!


The new school year is starting for the kiddies and so we attended the open house this week to meet Baby Girl’s new teacher and see her class and stuff. She’s going to have homework each week, which means *I* have homework each week. They’ll study letters and bring home pages to paste pictures of words starting with a particular letter. I’m actually rather excited about when they start studying ‘B’. That page will look nuts for sure.

The curriculum is much more academic than her previous class and her teacher seemed very seasoned. I asked the dreaded question, “What time should she be here?” and the answer that came was, “Punctually at 8 AM!” We looked at each other and I knew we were thinking the exact same thing.


Taking them to two separate preschools is a massive pain in the buttocks. I think this means that if I don’t do my bento at night, there will be no fancy food for lunching. I must rethink my bentomaking strategies!

Aloha Friday Bento

Since today is Friday and I’ve had these alphabet cutters sitting aroud doing nothing for forever now, I decided to write a little message in my curry.  I found a little article on Aloha Friday for people to satisfy their curiousity. There’s a very catchy song to go along with it but I’m too lazy to link it here from YT because I have to do some special thing to make it work that I don’t remember! If you have the time and are on YouTube for something else, try searching for it. 😀

What I did for this bento was quite simple. I took out the carrot chunks, washed them, sliced them up, and cut them out into little letters and flowers with my cutters. I made the rice into flowers using an onigiri mold my Aunty K sent me a while ago and dabbed some red hana ebi (shrimp flakes) into the middles. They looked a little sad just sitting on the curry so I tucked some romaine lettuce leaves underneath them.

Buddy has developed a burning desire to wash his hands and brush his teeth ALL the time. I send him to time out for screaming bloody murder about not getting a third cookie and 20 minutes later someone will say, “Hey, where’s Buddy?” and we’ll go to the bathroom and find him there brushing his teeth or washing his hands. One time this week I found him making little wet balls of toilet paper and paper towels to throw into the toilet for awesome splishy splashy fun. I’m hoping this is just him being a boy and not early signs of him becoming a hypochondriac.

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  • K

    I’d be worried if all he was focusing on was washing his hands and brushing his teeth!

    One of my cousins suffers from hypochondria and she brushes her teeth at least 100 times a day. No lie. She once had to have dental surgery because her gums on her lower jaw had became worn down.

  • I love it! My daughter loves to make, and of course eat, Japanese Curry 🙂 I will have to show her this one. I guess I should search out Alphabet cutters next! 🙂

  • The house next door has evidence of my son’s toilet paper ‘spit’ balls still stuck to the underside of their eaves. He threw them up there when he was in the 5th grade… he’s 22 yrs. old now! To answer your question, no the neighbors never paint their house.

    Good Luck! He’s just a boy…

  • I LOVE IT. i love reading your site! You are super creative!
    This is a great idea for plain old curry!

    I was wondering what photo software program you use? Your bento pictures look so clear. I’m having a hard time with my bento picutres…

    Thanks a million!

  • I’ve never tried making curry X3
    I’m curious to try it 🙂

  • Joe

    If you’re really worried about his washing obsession, maybe try to break it by staining hands with red food coloring for a day? He wouldn’t be able to get it off too too easily so he may give up eventually… I’m just pulling this stuff out of my ass but you never know ^.^

  • wow, what did you tell him to make him want to brush his teeth so often? I need to know because getting my kid to brush his teeth is like…pulling teeth

  • Yvo

    Is it hypochondriac or developing OCD? I think it’s OCD… very serious disorder… but luckily, is not debilitating much. (There are levels of course but this sounds mild so far, good to talk to the Dr. about it sooner than later though. Stop it in its bud.)

    And I LOVE the 300 idea!!! COME ON YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!!!! heheheheheeh THIS … is… BENTO!!!! roflmao

  • Pikko

    LOL Joe I think that would just give him a better excuse to wash his hands!

    Nate, I didn’t do anything, he just loves to do it. We find him in the bathroom grinning ear to ear brushing or washing his hands.

    I’m sure he does have some small form of OCD. My daughter has it too, they get it from Mr. Pikko. She’s unpacked a box of diaper wipes and lined them all up nice and eat.

    Kitanya, you definitely have to try it!!

  • Do you heat up your bentos at your work?
    P.S.- Where do you get the hana ebi?