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Okay, I owe everyone an apology for the long absence again. This week ended up turning into one long hectic string of things including a lunch meeting I forgot about on Tuesday, being part of an interview committee Wednesday, then a college meeting and lunch Thursday. I probably have an excuse for Friday, but I forget what it was. This should explain my state of mind lately. In between all of that has been plans for a big project of mine for FFXI, Allakhazam work, the kids, and trying to find out how to register for a class for the semester starting next week which I think I might leave til next semester. Not sure.

Before I get to my long eaten bento from last week, the winners!

I took everyone’s name and put em in a bucket and pulled out two. The first and winner of the Petty knife is Judith C.! Congratulations Judith! The second ticket drawn and winner of the mini paring knife is Wendy S.! Congratulations Wendy! I’ll be contacting both of you to get your information to send to New West Knifeworks and hopefully you’ll get your shiny knives soon!

I ate this bento ages ago, haha! It’s got a pork hash patty cut in half on top of furikake rice with takuan and a small ume on the side. In the little compartments I have blueberries and cucumber pickles. I have several of these bento boxes and though they’re butt ugly in horrid colors, I really love the inside compartments.

Mr. Pikko had to work on Saturday so I was left with our little monsters all day. It’s amazing I’m still here, alive, typing this blog post. In the morning I had a podcast interview with an FFXI site and that got done at about 8 AM or so. We had gotten flyers for this Family Fun Day event at the Momilani Community Center, so after doing some weed pulling, the three of us headed out there. I felt slightly gypped, as the flyer made it sound all free, but the rides cost $1 a ticket. They had fun on the big inflatables, but the petting zoo. Oh goodness, the petting zoo.

It was $2 per kid, but they’d been to the keiki petting zoo before and came out just fine. This was a little fenced pen with two bunnies, a dog, a pig, and three goats. I paid, we went in, they refused to pet anything. Then we spot the bunnies, so I grab Baby Girl’s hand and we walk over. Buddy thought I was abandoning him to the animals though, so he began to scream. Now, I’m not talking whining scream, I mean he was screaming. So we go back, but it’s too late. The screaming has now freaked out Baby Girl and when I try to drag them over to the little bunnies, a goat passes by. Her response is, “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”

You would think that I would panic too, with two kids screaming bloody murder in a petting zoo, but I just couldn’t stop myself from laughing. I tried to get them out, but then the dog comes moping past in slow motion. In her panicked state, the dog suddenly had grown devil horns, fangs, and red eyes and she began to shriek even louder as though a mountain lion was charging at her. I hugged them and told them it was okay in between fits of giggles, then took them over to pet the bunnies from the outside.

The Ryusei Taiko drum club performed, making me want to take classes. We’ll see! That’s probably a bad idea right now with my time crunch. I dragged the kids out of there eventually and took them to Home Depot, where in her report to Daddy, “We bought dirt.” We planted watermelon (in much bigger pots) and sugar snap peas, then transplanted my little basil sprouts to pots. I started seedlings of yellow tomatoes, cilantro, and parsley too. Let’s hope this garden turns out better than the last! I didn’t take pics, cause who cares to see pots of dirt?