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Mapo Tofu (250)

This past weekend was rather fun-filled. We attended the first home UH football game against Weber State University and went to the zoo for some city sponsored event. The football game was pretty fun. I’d bought Baby Girl a new Rainbow Dancers outfit cause her cheerleader one was too small. The bookstore re-did the cheerleader design and it’s terribly ugly now, but the dancer one is black and a one-piece. Very awesome!

Buddy was amazingly into the game. I was instructed to tell where the “foo baw” was at all times and if I did not, I got a blazing earful of mad Buddy. There’s a new food vendor there now that sells steak plates for 10 bucks called “Undakava”. Tasted pretty good, though the meat I got was horrendously fatty. The team was horrible in the first half, then Graunke came in and scored us 4 touchdowns, making him the hero. Mr. Pikko has been ranting about the unfairness to Funaki ever since then.

Sunday, we went to the zoo and saw the most action we’d ever seen on any trip. We were at the ape cage when one comes charging out of the back area and rams himself full speed into the plastic wall we were behind. Then as we’re leaving we hear some really loud grunting. Turns out it’s some Galapagos turtles having sex. We ushered the kids away laughing our asses off. Sorry, turtles, but those noises…

I had mapo tofu today. I boiled more of my bunch of choi sum and ate it with shoyu. So good! This is the bottom layer of a Keroppi bento box I bought a while ago.

This is the upper tier, which I guess is supposed to be for a sandwich, but I used it for fruits and veggie snacks instead. There’s a Hello Kitty container for salad dressing for the bell peppers, which I will bite open to remove the seeds. Someone on Flickr said this is a weird bento, but it’s just one half of it! ^_^

Here’s what it looks like all closed up. The cover for the lower tier has a little built in slot for a little green fork that came with the box. Soooo cute! I got this at Caramia at Manoa Marketplace.