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Turkey Croquette Bento (259)

Someone asked yesterday how I cut my kiwi. Since I fell asleep last night at 10 PM (due to the rude awakening yesterday) I woke up nicely rested with lots of time on my hands so I decided to do a kiwi cutting tutorial! YaY!

First, I cut off the two ends. It’s even better when you cut the ends off with a spiffy looking Santoku knife from New West Knifeworks. In reality, this knife is probably too big for cutting kiwis, but hey, not the knife’s fault the kiwis were so darned small, right? It did the job in spectacular fashion, which to a knife idiot like me, is awesome stuff.

Here we get a good view of my horribly nibbled thumbnail. Slice the skin off the sides in little strips, being careful not too be too generous cause the parts too close to the skin make your tongue feel like it’s being stabbed with little needles. I ate a kiwi a few weeks ago like how it’s suggested, cutting it in half and eating it with a spoon. The only problem with that was my freakin’ mouth was on fire afterwards. I’m never eating it like that again!

If you’re wondering how the hell I took this picture with one hand in it and one obviously holding the camera, let me just say that balancing a very sharp knife with your hips is not only dangerous, but nerve wracking as well!

Here it is, skin all removed. I was pretty pissed that I’d cut all the edges evenly except for that last one on the top left!

After that, just slice them up! Usually when I cut off the ends you don’t see the seeds, only the white center, so when I put them into my box I turn the end piece over to show seeds.


Grandma J made her extremely-popular-with-the-kids turkey croquette. I can’t remember if I’ve posted this recipe before, but if not, I’ll see if I can get it from her. This is good stuff, requiring no sauce whatsoever. I know my brother would want it, since he’s been craving Grandma Moo’s corn beef hash patties lately. This one ranks right up there, which explains why I’m pigging out and eating 1 1/2 croquette!

I put furikake on my rice and the fact that I spilled none anywhere else reminded me of when I used to do decos. (mail art) A girl once emailed me and told me that she’s always admired my “glittering skills”. LOL Who would have thought that my glittering skills would come in handy later as I do bentos?!

It occurred to me yesterday that it makes a whole lot more sense for me to make a bento in the box I’m selling, so today’s lunch is made in the same box I have up for sale today! This one has no divider in it but is a good size and can hold a very good sized lunch! I’ll let this one go for 3 bucks!