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I figured I should write something in case people start thinking that I died from economic shock or something. I’m not dead. I simply caught another one of Buddy’s wonderful colds which he recovers from immediately, but leaves with me for days. Fun!

Monday I went to eat with Mr. Pikko at the campus center. I was blowing my nose basically all day, so when Tuesday came around I had a mean sinus headache. Wednesday I had a fever, then Thursday we had a potluck. Today I wanted to try out some of our emergency preparedness food purchased from Costco and help eat potluck leftovers, so this adds up to a week off of bentos. My apologies!

I’ve got to get together all the boxes that people signed up to purchase and will hopefully send them out next week Monday. I’ll contact you all this weekend to get the ball rolling.

Voting for the Blogger’s Choice Awards ends next Wednesday, so I’d appreciate votes to help me keep my current #3 spot! 😀