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Wasabi Salmon (264)

I have two lunches to post today as yesterday I had a brain fart and simply didn’t post my lunch! D:

I’m not a big fan of this one to be honest. I didn’t have much food to use so I ended up making little green musubis with furikake mixed in, then added some cut slices of pineapple sausage with carrot sticks in the middle of them. There’s chow fun leftover from eating Panda’s for dinner, then four kiwis off to the side.

I’ve got extra of the little “Petit” onigiri molds if anyone wants them. It’ll be $3 per set and I’ll send this First Class mail, so shipping should be pretty cheap. Pic here:

You can press three little onigiri at a time. The kiddies absolutely loved them! I had the green rice leftover from Saturday when I meant to make green Spam musubis for the UH homecoming game, but then I decided to take a nap instead!

Today’s box is a green version of the one I used in the bento lunch pictured above:

It comes with the divider inside! This one will be $3. Comment if you want it! I might still have that other green one as the person who originally commented never replied to my email. I’ll give her one more day!

I went to the Marukai Membership Store on Dillingham yesterday to look for bento items, but found almost nothing of interest. The 99 cent store on Ward is still the best place for now. While there though, I did buy a head of green leaf lettuce, which I’ve now decided that I LOVE for outside garnish.

In this lunch I have some green rice with ume, then a piece of Wasabi Furikake Salmon, broccoli, a grape tomato (stole from Mr. Pikko’s Costco spinach salad), baby carrots, and takuan flowers. I put some Catalina Free salad dressing into the little green container to “convert” the greens into a nice salad, which was so fun! I took the rice, salmon, and broccoli out and heated it up in a ceramic bowl I keep here at work. Then I tore up the garnish lettuce, poured the dressing on, and I had a salad with tomatoes and carrots! It was great! ^_^ I’ll have to do this “convertable salad” thing more often. It worked out quite nicely.