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I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that whenever I look at the elite Japan bentos, I see the almost-impossible smooth, pink mystery meat posing as pig snouts and children faces and what not. There are little sausage flowers that are cut so cleanly they look plastic. After some internet searching I finally found out that this incredible item is called “fish sausage.” I have to extend thanks to furikakemonster on LJ for blogging about this recently. I’d seen a Flickr comment referring to it, but really had no idea where to get it.

I called Marukai and Don Quijote and both said they carried it, but that they were currently out of stock. I remembered that Nijiya Market had just opened at Puck’s Alley right by UH, so I called them and they had some in stock. I picked up a package, which resulted in me completing the Fish Sausage quest. I got some exp out of it and am the happy owner of three fish sausages. It was pretty cheap, something like $3.29 for the set. It expires next February!

My bento today is far from original. I’ve seen these piggies out on the online bento community many times but never did make them myself. Now that I have the Super Awesome Shape Cutter Wheels of Doom, I can do piggie snouts and much, much more. I’d picked up this package of “powdered vinegar” from Marukai that has pictures of very pink rice on the front, so this was the perfect time to experiment with it.

Piggies Bento

Before I get into the bento, I have to say that my new camera is really frustrating me. Depending on what color background material I have, suddenly the picture becomes saturated with that color. I’ve tried all types of settings and tried reducing the light only to have nearly RED pictures. I still have to read the whole manual, but it’s still annoying that it happens. I’m guessing the picture of the Art Contest bento only turned out decent looking because of the yellow background. Eventually, I took all the material out and just used the plain white lightbox background. Even now, it looks terribly lit. I wish I knew what I’m going wrong.

The powdered vinegar was basically a fine pink dust. I used half the package on these pigs. I made the noses and ears with the food cutter wheels, then used one of my Hello Kitty nori punches to do these. Tucked underneath are three Aidell’s meatballs from Costco and some small sticks of bell peppers. On the side are a few raspberries. Carrot flowers are there for color and the pomegranate seeds up top are there to help fill space. This bento was packed in my Pig bento box.

This one will probably go into the manuscript, but I’ll have a different picture for it. I was so frustrating with the lighting issue that I took the bento outside and plopped it onto the lawn area to take a picture in the natural sun.

I was so happy with this bento, but was late for school and work, so I rushed out the door, forgetting to take my camera cord with me. Grrr! This is why I’m blogging at 9:45 PM. O_o

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  • Fish sausage? Is that like kamaboko or some kind of fancy fishcake in a sausage tube?

  • That IS really weird. What camera is it? Have you turned off all post-processing options? I’m saying this because some parts of the picture look grainy and I only get that when weird filters or ISO settings are involved.

    Apart from that, those piggies are adorable. I couldn’t eat them – they’re too cute!


  • I love how adding “of Doom” or “of Death” to anything makes me want them more. There are many things I refer to in this light and it warms my heart to know I am not the only one. 😀

  • To me, it sounds like your white balance settings might be a bit off on your camera. I’d check those. Some cameras that are more sensitive will pick up the light reflected from a background. I just had this happen on a picture of bread I took. If you can’t fix it through a while balance setting, it is possible to adjust it through a software program like Google’s Picasa or the open-source GIMP program.

  • Yvo

    Can you take a pic to show us of the wheel cutters of doom ? Cuz I have no idea what you’re talking about!

  • notmarcia

    I can’t picture “fish sausage.” Does it come in a can like Spam? Your snout and ears don’t look like link sausages. Regardless, your lil piggies are cute.

  • marukai. has. fish. sausage????????

    i KNEW i should’ve asked someone while i was there! totally could not find it!

    do you know how happy you just made me?

  • Erika N.

    I’m gonna guess that because the bento has a lot of red items in it, your camera is having a hard time getting the colors correct. Red is a very hard color for digital cameras to expose correctly. It’s the same for a lot of cameras. *shrug* Like the poster above me says, just use a photo editing software to fix it. Since you upload to Flickr, you can use Flickr’s Picnik to fix it. It’s a very good program, IMO. No additional software to download.

  • Lesley

    This is really cute, I have wanted to get into making bento for a while but I really don’t know where to start. Do you guys have any imput? also it is very dificult to find bento accessories in Oklahoma 🙁