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Gina’s BBQ (284)

We were going to order food from Kim Chee 7 at Westridge last night, but when I called to ask how much their family pack was, I was told the biggest thing they had was the “Special for 2” that now costs a whopping $29.99.

What. the. hell.

Anyway, I wasn’t about to pay 120 bucks for our little “economic” at-home party, so we ended up going to get food at Gina’s. Mr. Pikko goes there a lot for lunch and when they saw that he was with me to pick it up, they looked disappointed. We suspect that if he’d ordered it, they’d have given more sides. They love him there. ^_^ We ordered two family packs and an extra plate of meat jun, since Mr. Pikko was in a panic that everyone would eat the meat jun, leaving him with basically “not enough”. That ended up being an INSANE amount of food. I am pretty sure we have enough kalbi, chicken, rice, meat jun, and mandoo to last two more nights of dinner. Gina’s never did disappoint when it came to how much food they give and that hasn’t changed much in the 11 years I’ve lived here.

I took the last of the BBQ beef since that was the leanest meat and I’d already had kalbi, which is sooo fatty. On the rice are some red hana ebi flakes and black sesame seeds. One of Gina’s best sides is their potato, which I’ve sliced and placed next to the meat and rice. On top of that are little strips of pickled cucumber I made the other day (cucumber + salt). I eat the cucumber with a bit of soy sauce. On the left I have my veggies. Clockwise from left is choy sum, takuan, ume, and cabbage. We ate all the bean sprouts. >.<

One of the best things to eat at Gina’s when you have a cold (or when you just feel like eating soup) is their Korean miso soup. I remember the first time I tried it was back in college when I had a cold and went to go get food there and Gina looked at me and exclaimed in her overly-loud-yet-caring Korean voice that if I was sick, I should try the miso soup. That stuff is such good comfort food. That plus a bigass plate of bean sprouts, cabbage, choy sum, and potatoes is so, so good. I’ve had bean sprout namul at tons of Korean places around the island and Gina’s still has the best tasting one.

By the way, the shrimp and egg patties tasted awesome! The cake turned out to be excellent. I got many compliments about how moist and tasty it was.