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Musubi & Gyoza Bento (298)

Two more days to enter my 200k Bento Contest! Get your entries in! I’ve posted a list of current entries received on the forums, so check out the list to see if I’ve successfully received yours!

I’ve been pretty good so far this year in making lunches that I’m happy to look at when I open the box, but this morning I crawled back into bed without setting the alarm again, so I woke up around 45 minutes later than I was supposed to. The end result is that I have something simple and am trying a new box out.

Blue Urara Musubi

I know this looks like a really strange bento box. Upon first sight I knew it had to be for holding musubis,  but what the hell? I mean, is there some weird fad in Japan that calls for monster musubis for lunch?

There is a small compartment at the bottom, which is supposed to hold a fancier lunch than what I had time for, which was basically five fried gyoza plopped in. I thought maybe yelling at them to look like a real bento would do something, but no luck.


These are the Ajinomoto brand. They’re frozen, so I have this sneaking feeling you won’t be able to buy them online. They’re easy to make and extremely addictive. I was going to pack only two and eat the other three, but then I saw what time it was. I suppose I could buy or make gyoza sauce, but I just eat them with shoyu. Each package comes with 15 gyoza and you fry them in a pan with water.

This bottom layer is extremely small, so I’d have to fill this with small bits of meat, egg, and vegetables to go with the large portion of rice that goes upstairs. Here are the musubis that I made for the rooftops:


The musubi on the left is plain with nori paste in the middle. The one on the right is mixed together with Ebi Fumi Furikake. Aren’t the flowers cool? I love them! You can’t really see from the right side picture, but I put clovers on the opposite side. I found these nori cut-outs at Marukai.

Pre-Cut Nori

I have a couple of other bags of these cut-outs, one being sea creatures and the other being animals. There were Pokemon cutouts as well, but since I’m not all that into Pokemon myself, I didn’t buy those. That and I’m bitter that so many people think it’s HILARIOUS to call me “Pikkochu.” Whatever. Maybe someday I’ll do a Charmander bento. I used to like the little yell he did.

In the photo it looks rather small, so I thought they’d be little cute things, but they’re actually quite large. The tulip is close to 2 inches in height. Anyway, you get small sheets of nori and just pop the shapes out. It comes with a little piece of white cardboard which I think was used to support the nori sheets when the press came down to cut the shapes out.

I was putting the leftover sheets into a ziplock bag when I noticed that the package came with its own little plastic baggie to hold the nori once you opened the package. This was so thoughtful, I loved it! Tonight and tomorrow I’ll be doing some sketching to outline my 300 bento. This is probably going to be an exhausting bento to make, so I have to admit I’m a bit scared of it. Haha!

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  • haha, i just reviewed these cut outs last week on my blog!

    great minds think alike!

  • Man, I didn’t think they’d make cut-outs…but man do I wish I lived near a store that carried them!

    I don’t like pokemon myself, but my friend, PikabelleChu, is in the guinness book of world records for her pokemon collection and has been hinting that I should make her a bento. T___T

    Random thought – but if I paid you a good bit could you pick up the pokemon ones for me? o-o;;

  • I see people putting sandwiches on top.

  • I’ve been wanting some Pokemon nori shapes!! But they are always a total rip-off on eBay…I guess I just have to make another trip to HI.

  • MizLit

    I’ve used this to carry a dessert box bento. Fits a slice of cake very well.

    Here’s my question, though: How do you keep it closed? My regular bento belts are too short. And even if I had longer ones, it seems like they would just slip off the tip of the triangle.

  • Erika

    I don’t know if those qualify as musubis… I think they’re more just onigiris. Musubi means to tie, so an onigiri with a seaweed wrapping around it is a musubi. The one with the nori might be musubi, but definitely not the furikake one. >.>;

  • Yvo

    Hi! (I’m sorry, I’m trying to get around to all the backlog on my reader right now :T forgive me!) I love ajinomoto gyoza, love how they fry up and w/o oil! They’re expensive here but a nice treat to keep in my freezer 🙂 And I like their gyoza sauce too, hehe.
    About the onigiri – the store bought ones around here fit perfectly, in their plastic wrap and all, in the top of those onigiri boxes. So what’s what I do. Although I’ve seen… either Maki or Biggie put sandwiches in the top! I rarely use mine but I do have a decent number of them =X oopsie. Hehe! Oh, and I like the pork gyoza best – the seafood ones taste a touch fishy to me and ugh, y’know? But I’m a pork dumpling kind of girl in general so it’s not surprising 🙂