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Pork Tofu Bento (319)

This weekend was rather interesting because I got my first ever fat lip courtesy of my wonderful son. We were watching tv together, but Buddy wasn’t interested in the show, so he decided to take out his plastic toy bat and swing at squeezie baseballs thrown by Mr. Pikko from the couch.

I know a plastic bat doesn’t sound all that harmful, but this one was made out of that hard plastic that you see those Step 2 play houses and slides made out of. It might as well have been made of titanium the way it felt when he turned and accidentally whammed me in the upper lip. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been hit so hard that I start crying, but tears welled up in my eyes and I had to keep ice on it for about an hour. It’s much better now though, thankfully, and I don’t have a cut or anything. Whew!

Pork Tofu Bento

Today I’m having leftover pork tofu, which is a modified recipe from one of my cookbooks, tweaked so that I don’t have to add ginger. Ginger is one of those things that I really don’t like to use, but when I do use it, I use only about a thumb sizes worth before letting it shrivel up in my fridge, alone and unwanted.

I have no bentorial today due to me sleeping in and farting around once I woke up. I added the rice first, then warmed up the pork tofu in a little pot, dumping it all in and pushing it up against the rice. I added the green beans next by layering them nicely and then put a sushi grass on top to separate it from the tangerine slices. I used a scissors to cut tiny pieces of green onion and then stuck the ume into the middle of the rice. Viola! All done!

I forgot to e-mail myself the recipe so I could post it, so I’ll edit this post later tonight to add it in for you all! Sorry to be short and sweet, but I’ve got a lot to do today. O_o

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  • Jennifer

    Your bento are always so pretty! I tend to just shove things into containers. LoL. Maybe once I learn to get things ready the night before it’ll get better.
    Reading through your old entries, I realized that I’m classmates with your brother! Such a small world!

    Take care!


  • Oh that is too funny! I’ll have to tell him about that! 🙂

  • Samantha

    I just found your website a few days ago after seeing your bentos on flickr, and I’ve become quite a fan! I spent a day or two looking through all your past bentos and reading some of the funny stories along with them so I would be up to speed with everyone else. 😀

    I love the way you arrange everything in your bento boxes so neatly. Whenever I make a bento, it always looks really boring because I’m bad at placement. I don’t use that many veggies, either, so there’s not much color.

    I’m so sorry about your injury! It reminds me of when I got hit in the face with a volleyball back in highschool. Nothing was swollen, but it hurt!

  • You really inspire me! I feel like running out and buying some cute bento boxes.

  • Samantha: Wow, thank you so much for reading back through everything! I really need to go back and finish retouching all my old pics since so many people seem to be doing that lately! D:

    Screamin’ Mama: Do it! 😀

  • Pretty bento!
    I keep my ginger in the freezer – it’s easier to grate when frozen and won’t shrivel up. I also have a cup of pre-grated ginger there for when I feel extra lazy.
    I tried to grow some in a pot last year but despite getting beautiful leaves, the root didn’t actually grow new nubs so I figure it’s a bit too much. It does keep the root fresh though, and apparentlyt you can just cut a toe from the root in the pot at any time and the rest will keep fresh and growing.


  • I really should do that, my ginger never lasts past my next meal that needs it. ; ;