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Smoke Monster Bento and Autograph

Since today is the day I could theoretically have been on some Lost set, I woke up really pouty and uninspired for a Lost bento. The kids must be rubbing off on me, since I’m acting like a 4 year old. Anyway, I thought of something on the fly and made some really weird looking bento that Mr. Pikko didn’t even get until I explained it to him.


All of my moping and pouting came to a dead halt when I went to check the mail this morning. We’ve been waiting to hear back from schools where we applied for a district exception for Baby Girl and so that’s why I went. Unfortunately, there were no letters from the schools, but I did have something else that made my day OH SO MUCH BETTER!


Yeah, that’s right! My aunty’s package to Michael Emerson got through and he autographed and mailed the photo of my bento back to me! Is that not just the most badass thing ever? And even better, it arrives on the day I really needed a pick-me-up too.

I’ve heard through the grapevine that Mr. Emerson and Terry O’Quinn are the friendliest of the cast, but it’s still really cool to get something like this. I will have to give my Aunty like 50 hugs to thank her the next time I see her. You’re the bestest Aunty C!! This definitely needs framing. Woohoo!!


So good! On a side note, he’s got nice handwriting!

Back to the bento… I meant to plan something better out, but ended up deciding on a quick smoke monster. This took me about 20 minutes to throw together. I added the rice first, then cut some broccoli stem into thin slices with zucchini circles at the top for a sonic fence. It’s not the same color, but I don’t know what to use for gray. In the middle on the rice I patted down some nori paste for the smoke monster. He may not look much like the monster, but since it’s just a cloud of black smoke there isn’t really much else I could do to make it more realistic. ^_^

At the top I have more leftover Korean bbq chicken with a broccoli “jungle” on the side. One tree has been flipped upside down by the smoke monster and thrown onto the chicken. I made the LOST letters out of zucchini.

Lesson of the day: Autograph from Creepy Ben totally trumps lost Lost extra opportunity. If you need me, I’ll be floating around in the clouds.

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  • Eep! I love the uprooted broccoli tree! That is totally awesome. And the autograph is crazy cool!

  • Misty

    That is awesome! I’ve only just started watching Lost, so I don’t this character yet, but the actor seems very cool indeed. =)

  • Eve Zhang

    That’s so cool! We all have our theories on that smoke monster, I hope we get to see it again some time soon.

    “Jack: How can you read?
    Ben: My mother taught me”

    I have an autograph of Evangeline Lilly :]

  • you are my hero! I am definitely looking for a bento-shaped box this weekend.

  • lesliemommy

    Nice score!!! Congrats on your Ben pic!

  • you can use konnyaku for gray

  • Very cool getting an autograph on your piccie.

  • javapot

    Way cool!! Heads up, i’m sure u’ll get a call soon.

  • Holy cow you have some luck woman! Way to go! The bento is fab as always, btw.

  • Too cool for words!

  • Ha! That autograph is great, and how funny that he made sure to put the name of the character he plays on there!

    Another great bento as always. ^_^

  • oh thats so cool, ms. pikko! i’m glad you got a little pick me up!

  • Oh that totally rules!!! Where are you going to display it?

  • He’s my hero, i think he’s the sexiest character and all my friend think I’m mad!

  • Lovin the LOST bentos! Very clever, and its my favourite show, so totally jealous of all the autographs you’ve got. You got skillz!