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Dharma Van Bento (Lost Bento 8)

After the really strange and rather goofy looking rice statue last week (my brother called it a “monstrosity” and suggested I re-do it another time, lol), I’m pretty happy with how this week’s bento came out. This one is a suggestion by my co-worker, the Bat Pat. Many thanks to him!

Dharma Van Bento

The only thing I’m not happy about with this one is the darned VW logo I put on the front. I used a photo of the van they use, but it was an off-set photo and apparently on the show they replace the VW with a Dharma logo. Oh well… This was actually the second van I made. The first was much larger, done by eye, and made in sections. To put it bluntly, it sucked, so this morning I started over again.

Once again, the lighting in my lightbox is really not working well for my new Nikon. I had to do a lot of Photoshopping on the lighting and color balance for this. I tried taking another picture in the light coming into the kids’ room, but that didn’t really do too much either.

Dharma Van Bento 2

While the rice certainly came out whiter, I’m not that big a fan of this since the light shines off the nori. I’ll definitely keep trying though and hopefully eventually I’ll get it right.

I put the bento together first, which was really easy. I simply put the rice in, flattened it out, pushed it to the side, and then tucked in the three pieces of teriyaki hamburger patties. To fill the holes I put two pieces of parsley and an ume.

The van is made out of kamaboko and I used almost an entire block experimenting, cutting, and other things. As I mentioned, I scrapped my earlier van and it’s a good thing because it was huge. I found a photo of the van and reduced the size and printed it, cut it out, and laid it on top a thin slice of kamaboko. Using an X-Acto knife, I cut around the print-out. After I’d cut out the whole van shape, I cut the top, front bumper, and rear bumper off while I dunked the bottom part of the van in food coloring. To get this color I diluted 1 drop of blue food coloring in about a teaspoon of water.

While that soaked, I cut out the windows of the van and the tires. I put the tire piece on top of nori and cut around it to cover the nori. Using a small coffee straw, I cut out two circles of kamaboko for the center of the tires. I used a regular straw to cut out the headlights and cut the VW by hand with my micro tip scissors. Since the top of the van is white, I needed a dark background before putting it on the rice, so I cut a little nori cloud out and laid it on top. That ended up working really well because it was a nice flat surface to keep the van as a whole on. I dried off the blue piece and connected it with the white top. I cut a little slit in the blue piece and inserted a small strip of nori to show the perspective of the van.

Last of all, I added the bumper, headlights, VW, and rear bumper. I cut out my usual LOST letters and added it to the top portion of the rice above the van. I have a separate layer with broccoli and strawberries that I didn’t photo since it didn’t have any Lost elements in it.

Here’s a sneak peek of tonight’s episode. Don’t watch if you’re not caught up!!