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Angel Bento (346)

I had said I’d be drawing a new winner for Life Without Plastic’s giveaway today, but I’m postponing that until tomorrow so that I can announce the new winner at the same time I do a review of their gorgeous wooden bento box. Last night we had Korean food from Kim Chee and I didn’t really want to use takeout leftovers for the review.

Angel Bento

In addition to the leftover meat jun I’m eating today, I have an angel to brighten up my lunch. She’s made out of two kinds of cheese, bologna, and nori. Flying around with her is a little winged piggy filled with meat jun sauce and I put a little music not next to her, though I didn’t have time to make her a harp.

I put the rice in first after heating it up under a wet paper towel to make it easy to move around. Then I sliced the meat jun up because it was in gigantic chunks and layered it in. I put the bean sprouts and cabbage in at the top and then put a couple of small strawberries on top for some color. It was still a little drab though, so I added sliced cucumber kim chee for some green.

I cut her wings out from an angel cookie cutter I have and the dress is made from a circle trimmed with an oval cutter. Her arms and legs are cut from my food wheel arms using the elbow end instead of the hands because they were too big. I punched her face (OMG I’m SO mean!) out with one of the new mini punches I got. Those are so useful! At first I thought they were too tiny, but they are so great for little food characters!

Lost spoilers under the cut!

Last night was so awesome and the van was in the episode so much that I’m glad I did that yesterday. I totally did NOT see the Miles/Chang thing coming. When it happened I actually paused the TiVo to say, “Ho ho ho, I didn’t see that coming!!” Mr. Pikko knew, but he’s a smarty pants!