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Jughead Bento (351)

Today’s bento blog plug is brought to you by Misty, who just started her blog this month! Since Misty’s blog, Bentorrific, is still moving into the bento community, be sure to stop by and give her a nice, warm welcome to the scene! Be sure to take a look at her potsticker bento. Her sliced kumquats look great and that packing method is definitely something I’ll have to try, since I have a hard time packing kumquats into my lunches. The AIB Forums in general have been picking up lately, so if you haven’t registered, be sure to do so and we can all talk about our frenzied bento obsessions. 😀

Today I’m having what I’ve decided to call “Costco Quesadillas” because everything in it except the onions are from Costco. The tortillas, bell peppers, rotisserie chicken, and pepperjack cheese are all from Costco. Actually, even the strawberries, peas, and ketchup are from Costco too, now that I think about it. LOL!

What’s that you say? Why is this a Jughead bento? And why haven’t I done a LOST bento to help them celebrate their 100th episode? Well… I put that under the cut because I didn’t want people speed viewing the images on my blog and suddenly deciding I’m a warmonger.

I’m a big fan of Archie Comics, so it amuses me greatly that the hydrogen bomb, which will be a prominent figure in tonight’s episode of LOST, is named Jughead.

Okay now, don’t laugh. Seriously.

Jughead Bento

No really, stop laughing.

Yeah, it looks terrible. For your information, it’s INCREDIBLY hard to get nori letters to stick to flour tortillas, even after loads of licking. I know, gross, but I was desperate. It’s supposed to say “Happy 100th LOST” but after the damned ‘a’, ‘p’, ‘y’, ‘L’, ‘O’, and ‘S’ kept curling up and looking stupid, I removed them in a rage. The 100 was behaving, so I let it stay, but as a result this bento looks only quasi-LOST. In the ketchup I have uncooked alphabet pasta. I’ll just eat em or pick it out of the ketchup. Cute idea, though, no? I’ll have to do that again sometime.

Anyway, no need to worry about me bombing bentos. Oh wait, I just did. My point is, I hope no one takes offense to this bento. It’s modeled after a TV show with a bomb in it! I know my co-worker Kaolian will love this though. He’s always after me to make a bento with destructive things in it.

The Jughead is made out of nori and green soy paper. The nori was to make it look darker and it was the same size as the soy paper until I wet it to try to get it to stick to the soy. That failed massively and then the nori shrank. The yellow parts are made out of bell pepper.

Can’t wait to watch tonight!! Woohoo! If you haven’t heard of it yet, be sure to check out Jorge Garcia’s (Hurley) blog, Dispatches from the Island.

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  • Thanks so much for the mention, Pikko!

    I really like the way the kumquats look (and taste!) when sliced compared to whole or halved, too.

    I love the use of the alphabet pasta. I’m going to have to get a bag and use that in the future!

    I typically see people eat quesadillas with salsa and have never heard of them being eaten with ketchup! Is that just your personal preference?

  • No, I just didn’t have any salsa. LOL!

  • LOL! Nice. I hope it was still just as tasty!

  • javapot

    What is a ‘warmonger’ – not familiar with this term, tks

    Really made a Jughead from Archie bento!! ha ha

  • Aimee S.

    Thank you doll! For putting a link to Jorge’s blog…I’ve been following and loved the cake Charm City did awhile back for the 100th. Awesome! Love me some Costco too!

  • That turned out cute.

  • Liz

    Love the bento!
    Am I the only one that is getting headaches from all the quantum math/science that dominates LOST lately? Seesh – give this a break already — I wasn’t that good in high school!

  • Aimee S.

    @Liz – You just gotta go along for the ride….enjoy the blissful confusion of it all. For alas, it will be over soon and you’ll be missing all that brain mushiness!

  • i didn’t hear anything about a bomb and i am not wondering what the bomb will do to the island. nope.

  • magdiego

    OK, maybe it’s because I have never seen Lost (sorry!). Maybe I just have a dirty mind. But given the arrangement of the “bomb” protruding out of the two “strawberries”, I wasn’t thinking hydrogen bomb, if you know what I mean.

    Awfully cute, though, no matter how you look at it.

  • xex

    heyy, this bento is so cool.
    i’m mexican and I’m glad you include a mexican meal in your bentos, you miss the guacamole 😛

    cheers!!! nice blog.