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Ms. Bento Winner

I’m very happy to announce that I’ve managed to injure myself two more times this weekend!! Woohoo!! No wait, that wasn’t how I was intending to finish that sentence…

Let’s try that again!

I’m very happy to announce that I have a winner for the Zojirushi Mr. Bento thermal lunch jar drawing! Fuji Mama plans to fill her first lunch in the Ms. Bento with:

Container 1: Miso soup with LOTS of wakame
Container 2: Ginger rice
Container 3: Mapo tofu

Sounds tasty Fuji Mama!! Congrats!!

I will be at the Pacific Rim Conference for the next two days, hopefully without getting anyone sick. I had to cancel my bento class on Saturday because I didn’t want to get all those nice ladies sick. I’m hacking up nasty stuff and my nose is in full production of da hanabatas. I admit I’m a little torn. I want to help out, but at the same time I don’t want to piss everyone off my showing up with a rattle in my chest and honking that would scare people into next week. (I blame my big nose.) As of right now I’m still going, but we’ll see.

Tomorrow I will be lauching the drawing for the Mr. Bento thermal lunch jar. This one will require a bit more effort and will require registration for my forums. If you haven’t registered yet, today will be a good day to start in preparation for tomorrow’s details!

To fill people in on my latest stupid injuries, on Saturday I was cooking spaghetti. The sink was kinda full, so I balanced my colander on some things plus the side of the sink and dumped the noodles in. I think what happened was the water splashed on the rim, ricocheted out the side, and out of the sink right down my leg. Since I’d literally taken it off the stove seconds ago, you can imagine how boiling hot it was. I had a big foot-long swatch of red skin on my right thigh and eventually it settled down to about a 5″ x 1″ welt. I’ve had to wear my baggiest pants to stop it from being scratched just by walking.

With injuries on all my limbs but my right arm I figured it was only a matter of time before I hit it. It happened yesterday while I was taking some things out of the toaster oven. Sometimes I use a fork or chopstick to pull the tray out and last night it was a chopstick. I had to arch it upwards to get it to yank it out, but ended up burning my right pinky in the process. Mr. Pikko has been wondering how I’ve managed to live to the tender age of 30 without somehow accidentally killing myself.

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  • Congrats, Fuji Mama!

    I don’t injure myself that often, but usually when I get clumsy I start breaking things. Lots of things. (Or spilling drinks. I think in one weekend I managed to spill 6 drinks (non-alcoholic!). My boyfriend eventually suggested a sippy cup, but I just stopped altogether.)

    The Mr. Bento contest sounds fun, can’t wait to hear more.

    Hope you’re back to your healthy uninjured self soon!

  • I am usually a real klutz. And my husband is surprised when I get through a day without being bumped or bruised. Most of the time I’m on the floor laughing at the thought of how stupid I look.

  • you sick too??? me too. I got a lot of swine flu comments this weekend. How many did you get?

  • kat

    whoo hoo Fuji Mama!

  • Grats Fuji Mama!

  • Samantha

    Hopefully you don’t hurt yourself anymore! Get well soon! Maybe you should see about carrying a lucky charm around with you? 😀

  • Cree

    Yay to Fuji mama!

    Pikko, I’m so bummed, I was gonna take your bento class and I forgot to register! I hope you feel better though! Will you do another one? *cross fingers* hee hee… =)

  • Actually, I had to postpone and several people can’t make the new date on May 16th. If you call the Temari Center, there are I think 4 openings right now.

  • I’m a total klutz too. Here are a few things that help me not hurt myself quite so often: Water Jel’s Burn Jel is the most amazing thing to have in your medicine cabinet. I usually just screw off the top and use a Q-tip, but it’s got 2% lidocane so you’re mildly numbed and it somehow helps burns heal WAY faster than without it.

    Wooden toaster tongs.

    I normally abhor antimicrobial stuff, but these oven mitts are AMAZING. Cloth, so they’re flexible and grippy, so you can get a hold of stuff (they’re also handy for opening jars).