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Anpanman Sammie Bento (362)

I hope everyone had a fun Memorial Day weekend. The kids have been watching this episode where Curious George and Betsy make their own miniature golf course. They watch it almost every day, so on Sunday we took them to Pearlridge where there’s the Jungle River Mini Golf course. It was pricey with no kid’s price, each ticket cost 8 bucks. We all sweated like a pound of water each out there and Mr. Pikko couldn’t stop sneezing, probably because of all the monkeypod flowers falling down. At the end of the day I went to Costco on my own and brought home a chicken for dinner. I used some of the leftovers to make my sandwich today.

This was made with my Anpanman onigiri mold, which I unfortunately don’t see for sale anywhere online except on eBay. Erika bought me this set when she went to Japan last year. I didn’t use it to make onigiri, just to cut out his face shape in the bread.

I put the lettuce in first, after washing and drying it. The paper towel I used to dry it was under the bento box. I will tell you why I’m mentioning this in a bit. I took two slices of Roman Meal Honey Oat bread and cut the sides off with a bread knife. Using a bread knife helped to keep the bread puffy because any other knife would have just squished the bread flat, which is no good at all. I laid the first piece of bread in, then layered on chicken. Normally I’d have put light mayo, but I didn’t have any.

Now here’s the fun part. I snapped the lid back onto the chicken and didn’t notice that I’d gotten the paper towel stuck in the lid. So I zip the chicken away to the fridge and of course it pulls the paper towel with it and down goes the bento and sammie all over the floor. Oh man, I was pissed. I said, “F**K!” and then suddenly I hear Buddy, who of course had to wake up right at that moment, “Mommy, can I have peanut butter?” Luckily, he has no idea what the word means or that it’s really bad. Still, bad mom! =[

I used the onigiri mold to press in the oval and then cut the eyebrows, eyes, and mouth with my Fiskars Micro-Tip Scissors from nori. I used two slices of baby carrot for the cheeks and a food cutter to cut the nose out of a bing cherry. I placed it on top. The lettuce lining will be used to put into the sammie when I eat it and I put the other half of my first tomato into the side area.

I was pretty mad when I opened the bag of lettuce from Costco. I mean, it was cheap, but I found a big moth inside and apparently he’d been having a feast. I had to give half the lettuce to the worms. I ground that mean old moth up in my disposal, even though he looked dead. I wanted him deader. Anyway, I added one more leaf to the box to separate the tomato and fruits from the sammie. Here’s a straight view:

I used flash for the first picture, which I think came out better. I added the strawberry halves after the tomatoes, then the two cherries, and finally dropped in blueberries until it was filled. I’m looking forward to eating it, it looks nice and fresh!

I had intended to blog about my pickle mango, but forgot my memory card at work after taking wedding favor pics for a coworker. I’ll write about it later this week. Don’t forget that this Sunday is the last day to enter my drawing for a Zojirushi Mr. Bento!