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Mr. Bento Winner!

I’m truly sorry for the lack of postings lately and for my lateness in drawing up my Mr. Bento winner. It’s safe to say that my brain has been overtaken with thoughts of FFXIV, the site we’re building, and our community outreach efforts. I’ve got a bento I never posted from last Thursday, but I’ll get to that later. I know you all want to know who won!

After receiving a total of 204 entries, the winner is #51, ktycat! It’s funny that ktycat won because she’s actually the one who made the most of this contest’s multi-entry feature. Ktycat had the most entries, putting her name into the drawing a total of 23 times! Congratulations, your persistence paid off! 😀

Thank you to everyone who entered the contest, keep a look out for more this month!

As for the bento, I had a rather large lunch of spaghetti topped with a little white elephant. He rests on top a little slice of tomato from my garden. Next to the spaghetti is some steamed broccoli, a boiled egg (plain, I know, zzz), some strawberries, blueberries, and cherries.

It was very simple and quick to put together. I used a new item I got at From Japan with Love, but it’s something I’ll have to blog about some other time. Like I said, I’ve got massive FFXIV on the brain!