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The Three Obentos!

Let it be known that when you’re on a bento blogging hiatus and people start posting nasty comments about your slackass or your aunties fire up the coconut wireless wondering if you’re still alive, it’s probably time to pick up your good old WordPress pen and start writing again. I do apologize to everyone who entered my 500K Bento Contest. I can assure you all, I’m almost done judging all the entries.

My Vegas trip (which wasn’t for pleasure) ended up taking a mental toll on me and when I got back, Twilight was a nice escape from that. Then both my kids started new schools, a big life change came to stare me in the face, I started the KUT program, my eating habits changed drastically, a deadline for a bento side project woke up and bit me in the ass, and Square Enix released more Final Fantasy XIV news. As a result, I have three bentos to post today. You might say I have a plethora of bentos!

Teri Hamburger Bento

This is a bento I made last night. Baby Girl snacked on the way home from kindergarten and therefore did not eat dinner, so I packed it up and am making her eat it today. This will be the first bento she takes to school but unfortunately, thanks to her old preschool, she’s been instilled with some fear reaction to taking home lunch. When I asked her on the first day whether she wanted school lunch or bento, imagine my horror when she said, “I want school lunch, I don’t want to get scoldings.” Today, when I told her I’d packed her a bento, she snapped at me that she didn’t want it and I should just take it.

I packed it in her bag in case she changed her mind and to my dismay, she got mad at me for doing it and demanded I take it out of her backpack. I guess after her preschool experience, she finds them embarrassing. I get that it’s not her fault that she feels like this and I’ll respect her wishes after today, but it still makes me annoyingly sad. I’ll go pout in a corner and give in to school lunches until she decides it’s ok. On the bright side, at least I’m off the hook for extra lunch making.

I’m pretty happy with everything in this bento except for the middle of the flower. It just looks out of place and I hate it. The monkey is filled halfway with furikake for her to sprinkle on the rice and cut up teriyaki hamburger patty. There are two strawberries and one lonely looking grape in with the other food.

Shrimp Bento

This is another of my KUT bentos, which are basically protein (the shrimp), healthy carbs (the soy beans), and vegetables. I pan fried the shrimp in olive oil with garlic and a bit of salt and it came out tasting fantastic. I removed the soy beans and ate them on the side, then ripped up the lettuce and I had a nice shrimp salad. The shrimp was so tasy I didn’t need dressing.

I’d taken this for lunch on Buddy’s first day of school. When we had gone to orientation and they told us that one of us had to stay at school with him for 3 hours, I wasn’t very happy that it wasn’t optional. The school ended up providing all the new parents with the school lunch though, and it was very good and very healthy. They served chicken adobo with brown rice and I was very proud that my son gobbled up everything in no time while all the other kids sat there picking at their food, basically not eating. I ended up eating this one two days later.

KUT Bento

This picture looks terrible because I was in a hurry and had to take it at lunch, where we have terrible lighting no matter where I put the bento. This is another KUT bento, with tofu stir-fry on the left and ingredients for a pita on the right. I’m participating in Foodbuzz’s Tastemaker program and their latest set of products for us to try out included several of Emeril Lagasse’s products. I used his Original Essence to flavor some turkey breast strips and although it’s good, I don’t think I put enough in. I brought a whole wheat pita separately and there’s salsa in the little dog cup. I removed the blueberries, then plopped the lettuce and turkey right into the pita and topped it with the salsa. That was quite yummy!

I hope to be able to tell everyone what my big side project is soon. It’s quite exciting!

Also, as an update to the kickboxing, when I weighed myself at the 2 week mark I’d lost nothing, which was pretty discouraging. But when I weighed myself this morning by chance, I found I’d suddenly dropped three pounds, so now I’m at 143.6! Whee!

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  • *sigh* 143.6 pounds, Last time I weighed that, I was about 12… (ok, just to add, I am 5’11, and weigh about… well let’s not talk about that, shall we?) I’m not trying to lose weight, I’m trying not to gain any. Bentoing helps, mainly because I snack a lot less and eat more veggies.

    I really love the way the shrimp look, I love seafood, and this looks (and sounds) delicious!

    I really laughed when you talked about the lighting, I take my photos on my kitchen counter with my mobile, so I’m glad with any lighting I can get! No seriously, your photos always look really really pretty, and they make me want to be more creative with my bentos too.

  • these bentos are so cute and colorful! so nice to see you bento-ing again, it always makes my day! i’m also really excited to see who wins the bento contest and all of the wonderful entries.

  • 2 weeks into pole dancing class and I’ve lost nothing too. all i got to show for it is a ton of bruises. lose money. hopefully next week will show something.

    and i’m glad you’re alive!

  • @Vampyra1 How often is your class? I hope something happens for you soon too! 😀

  • feyrie

    Few things are as hurtful as when someone does not appreciate the bento you lovingly make for them. Part of me wishes I lived in a super bento competitive Japanese kindergarten or somesuch *hugs

  • once a week for pole, twice a week zumba. at the end of every 6 weeks we end up with a routine!

  • I hope your daughter outgrows this phase. Congratz on the weight loss. I am glad you didn’t die (disappearing is ok).Your bentos look yummy as usual.

  • Phew — I’m so glad you’re back to blogging. I was getting worried about you! 😉 Your site is the first bento one I check each day and getting to hate seeing that salmon bento staring back at me.

    Good luck with the exercising — remember that muscle weights more than fat and the body naturally wants to hold onto its “storage” for as long as possible. After regular exercise and good eating choices like you’ve been doing, you’ll see things head in the right direction.

    And… sheesh… I’m totally interesting in finding out about your new project! I can’t wait!!

  • HalloweenGirl

    Hi! I love your blog…your bentos always look fantastic! Now a while ago, you had mentioned a bento book that you would recommend, but for the life of me, I can’t find it anywhere in the blog. Can you let me know which it is? I’m not very good at bento-making, so I need that kind of help. ^///^

  • @HalloweenGirl I’m not sure which book you’re meaning. Could you give me more information?

  • HalloweenGirl

    o_o You know, I can;t remember where I saw it exactley…….ahem….maybe I can cover my embarassment by just asking what book you would reccommend? ^///^

  • linael

    I made my first few bentos last week and I know how hard it actually is to get everything balanced (foodwise and visually).

    So I feel sad for you that your kid is actually ashamed to open a bento at school. The bento you prepared looks colourfull and joyfull.

    So keep on trying, she may grow over it and start getting her own mind (instead of listening to what her schoolmates think of as being “normal”).