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Pink Animal Invasion

My plans for sending Baby Girl to school with a cute sandwich she couldn’t resist have been defeated by my absentmindedness. I’ve taken two trips to the market and one to Costco and in all three instances, I forgot to buy some kind of sandwich meat. Last night, I realized I could try an egg salad sandwich, then realized that she doesn’t have school tomorrow. Ha ha…


I made one anyway for myself and planned to show it to her to test it out. Everything was going well until she said she’d like to take it for lunch, meaning I wouldn’t have one. Still, I gave it to her and she carried it around for a bit, planning to take it to Grandma’s house to share with my niece. All good, right?

She comes back to me later and says she doesn’t want the whole bento, just the egg in the middle. I told her I can’t just scoop it out of the sandwich and have her take just that. She didn’t understand why not. I didn’t understand why she found the egg filling to be the best part of the whole thing, I would have thought the little pink animals would have snagged her. I mean, just look at them. I was editing the photo and my head started tilting and I could feel the “AwwwWWww!” coming out of my throat.


The animals are made out of fish sausage and nori. I made the egg salad with reduced fat olive oil mayo, so it’s not too bad health-wise.

The sammies had to be laid down flat to pack and I placed the animals on top and put the slightly see through cover on top. It fit perfectly and you could see the little guys staring out at you. Anyway, in the end, she decided to let me take it for lunch.

My sporatic blogging will be continuing for at least another two weeks. I got one of the most exciting phone calls of my life on Tuesday, so that will be keeping me busy for some of next week. Then, after that is a rather gigantor part of the project I’ve mentioned before. I’ll be sure to write notes for myself so that when I can blog about it, I won’t leave anything out!