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AIB Makeover

Over the next few days I’m going to be revamping Adventures in Bentomaking with a new WordPress theme. Since I’m a notorious site destroyer in disguise, do not be alarmed if you see my logo upside down or my posts showing up 50 times or all my tags suddenly becoming “LOL”.

2,000 theme edits later, all will be well.

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  • kat

    can’t wait to see it, good luck!

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  • I look forward to seeing your new theme! I recently moved over from blogger to wordpress and am still finding my way round all the how to’s in wordpress. So I fully understand how you feel about things going awry!

  • Thanks for the luck, I needed it and still need more! D:

  • WordPress is very complicated compared to Blogger, but I don’t regret moving at all. You can do so much with it.

  • Yes you can do so much more with it, though i have to admit, my traffic has dropped since I moved over to wp and I have no idea why. I have my own custom domian name and the instructions I fillowed to do the move were very good in helping me change settings to re-direct traffic from blogger to wp. Any tips?

  • Hmm, where is your old Blogger blog? I can’t find it. It is set to redirect to your domain blog?

  • Wousahazel

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