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Bento Superbowl

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen a strange tweet from me today.

“There was kamaboko in the toilet this morning…”

Since I have a four year-old boy who is absolutely crazy about kamaboko living in my house, it doesn’t take much deduction to know who did it. I’d bought a block to use in bento and with the week over, I turned the container of slices over to him. I told him not to eat it all, but what the hell do mothers know about a boy’s capacity for sliced fishcake? Apparently he got sick of the last slice and tossed that puppy in just for fun.

Saints fans had something to cheer about yesterday, but today… not so much.

Colts Bento

Hey, I have to be fair, right? I think the face mask for the Colts is gray, but there’s only so much magic I can do and I had no gray soy paper. I had intended to give this to Mr. Pikko, but he thought the green hana ebi smelled funky and declined. It did make really great astroturf though, better than my scrambled egg astroturf!

Blue is always a difficult color to do, so I had to think over the course of two days to figure this one out. What I ended up doing was taking a thin slice of kamaboko and with a printout over it, I cut it out with scissors. After that was done, I needed to color it. Figuring I needed dark blue, I just dripped pure blue food coloring on top. This did not go well, as the kamaboko looked black. I had to soak it in water for like half an hour for it to look blue.

The helmet is made out of an egg white sheet. Amazingly enough, I only had to make one. I cut it out with kitchen shears as well. The face mask was easier this time around as I used my stale nori sheets. I found this to be MUCH easier than crispy nori that flakes all over the place. Cutting crispy nori with scissors is known to cause aneurysms, so watch out.

Colts Helmet

I colored the edge of the egg with blue food coloring mixed with a drop of black. Adding a whole drop of black was a bad idea, as I had to add like six drops of blue to get it this color. I painted it on with the point of a toothpick. The COLTS letters are cut out of kamaboko. In the other container, I have slices of chicken katsu.

So now that I’ve done both, we need to find out which one you guys think is better!


Who wins the Bento Superbowl?
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LOST tomorrow!!! I’ll be down there at Sunset on the Beach, hopefully with a good spot. If my little food project doesn’t go well, then I guess I’ll have to make do with buying food down there. I’ll find out whether it works tonight. Hope you all have a great Superbowl Sunday!

Update: News to me, Superbowl Sunday is on February 7. LOL! Shows how out of touch with pro football I am. Have a great Superbowl Sunday next next week!