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Sheep Bento and Spring Contest

As usual, me mentioning that I’m going to do something dooms said task to failure. I said on Friday that I was going to be working on a bentomaking video. I was actually going to make a video of me making today’s bento. Unfortunately, you need a video camera to do this and my Panasonic Lumix was nowhere to be found. Our handheld video camera had no battery charged and the charger was AWOL. If you’re a Survivor fan, picture Sandra talking at Tribal about my Lumix and my camera charger: “IT GREW LEGS AND RAN OFF!”


This would have been a really fun bento to video tape too, so I’m extra bummed. I used another one of the Piece Talk cutouts from the Scrapbooks, Etc. magazine section I talked about when I did the Spring Chick bento, this time doing their cute sheep. The box is a new one that I bought specifically so that I could launch a contest around it, too, so keep reading for details on that!

I started off by cutting out the pieces of the sheep from paper.


The pieces with arrows were meant to be cut twice, so I folded nori over for the hoof and inner ear before cutting those. I also cut out the nose from nori. The fish sausage I was going to use for the sheep’s head wasn’t wide enough to accommodate the ears, so I cut them off to cut separately.


I laid the white pieces onto a piece of cheese and began to cut. Since slices like these are so crumbly, I had to change toothpicks a couple of times and spin the toothpick to ensure a smooth cut. Even then, I had to cut the hair out twice and smooth over the edges with my finger after.


Here’s a closer look at the sheep. I cut the pink parts out of the fish sausage the exact same way as the cheese. Since it’s very soft, it was actually easier to do than the cheese. I put it all together and then added the nori. I punched out the eyes and mouth. To make the flowers, I used a small flower cutter and a straw to cut the centers, swapping out cheese for fish sausage. The rice is dyed yellow with some deco furi, but you could use curry powder instead. On the other side of the baran is some leftover pork tofu topped with a tiny sprig of parsley.


In the other tier, I have some strawberry halves, half a clementine, and some mochi eggs. I’d bought this cute green, pink, and white striped mochi for Girl’s Day last week and never ate it. Today I cut a slice off the top and then cut out some oval shapes with a food cutter to make some cute little mochi eggs. They came out awesome!!

For my Spring Bento Contest, I’m offering up the same bento box (don’t worry, the prize contains an unopened one) along with a bunch of other accessories to go with it.


In total this prize packet includes:

  • 1 two tier tomotomo bento box
  • 1 tomotomo fork
  • 1 set of food picks
  • 1 set of spring baran
  • 1 charaben cutter set
  • 1 set of food cups
  • 1 onigiri mold
  • 1 packet of hanaosushi no moto (not pictured)

To enter for this prize, all you need to do is comment on this blog post with what you think would make the perfect Spring themed bento to go into this box. I’ll accept comments until Sunday, March 14 and then randomly draw a winner from the entries. You may only enter once and you must provide a valid email that you check often. Who knows, maybe I’ll even make your suggestion!

Good luck!

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  • Moontaj

    Please forgive this mainlander’s ignorance, but what is mochi? It looks yummy…and sugary…mmm sugar.

    Anyways I think a cherry tree in bloom would make a lovely spring bento in that box!

  • I think this is my first time commenting here, just want to say I’ve been following for a bit and you have a lovely blog.

    Springtime? I can’t help but look at that bento box and think that it would be fun to see what’s on the cover inside. A couple of rabbits surrounded by tulips reminds me of spring!

  • I think some type of rainbow (April showers bring May flowers) or garden…

  • I would probably try to do an entire garden worth of flowers πŸ™‚

  • Samantha

    A contest! Neat!
    Because of the cute rabbit/spring theme I suggest mainland spring bulbs. You could use a bed of sprouts as emerging spring grass and then include tulips, daffodils, crocus, honeybees, baby birds, etc.

  • Spring hmmm…. I think something with a robin and eggs. I saw my forst rbin today and I thought immediately of spring!

  • I would love to do something with a little girl splashing in puddles… because when I think spring I think APril Showers! I can picture a little yellow rain coat and some rain boots and a hat and both feet in a puddle and a few water droplets splattered about….

  • Christine

    I think a field of flowers would be a perfect bento, lots of different color flowers, probably made out of egg sheets, with a green rice background… Then in the other tier, maybe some quail eggs made into chicks… And I am really picturing bunnies in there too, but I’m not sure what I would make them out of… Probably fruit, apple would work well

  • bql

    I would use both layers for different views of Spring. Be warned, I’m letting my inner art student run free.

    On the white tier, I’d use the bear cutter as lower half of the bunny’s body (ham or thinly sliced spam is the closest color choices) and make a cute pink bunny (you could go with some uzu peel as a little bow). Using shredded lettuce and veggie flowers on white or light blue rice as a backdrop for it, I’d also make some dyed quail eggs to decorate the bunny.

    On the yellow tier, I’d make some of spring’s bounty of crops using the picks/grass separators/lettuce as decoration on some cylindrical molded rice filled with said vegetables (to your convience of course) with some furikake the would give a nice contrast with the rest of the tier.

    Hope you like the idea (though, after rereading, it sounds a bit daunting)!

  • Hmm I think I would have to make a cute spring bunny bento in that one! It’s super cute πŸ˜€

    The sheep is adorable!

  • Liz Andrsn

    I’m partial to the saying for March: In like a Lion, Out like a Lamb.

  • Ardwynna

    Pasta primavera, a spring mix salad with ham and cheese flowers, a rabbit-shaped egg and a few chocolate mini eggs for dessert.

  • Ms. T

    Hi Pikko,
    Since I’m an avid New York Yankees fan, I think that the ultimate spring bento would be one that celebrates “spring” training. It could consist of anything baseball themed. I’m a novice bento maker and am in awe of your creations!

  • Feba

    Definitely something involving eggs, maybe fried eggs made to look like the Easter Bunny. Creepy and delicious.

  • I’d probably try to do a charaben with a bunny and some flowers, all in cheese but with a bunch of beautiful fresh vegetables and rice, of course.

  • Basa

    Well, for Spring, I would suggest using a Mandraogra

    put some mini easter mochi eggs near him and what not… should be nice πŸ˜‰

  • Liz

    In the first tier I would make some soboro pork on rice and put pea shoots and bean sprouts in rows with a border of carrot slices to make it look like a newly planted garden!
    The second tier would have a pink rabbit shaped egg, veggies cut into various flowers and some raspberry/blackberry skewers.

  • Colleen

    A spring bento for a totally picky eater:

    Top teir: Cheese (cut into spring shapes: flowers, bunnies… moose. Do moose come out in spring? I forget…) and Crackers, also apple slices arranged in a spiral/flower.

    Lower tier: Easter egg hunt salad. Spring greens with mini easter eggs hidden throughout (be they jelly beans or mini plastic eggs with treats inside or chocolate eggs… whatever. Personally into the idea of an egg that can be filled with my choice of surprise!)

  • Sarrow

    It’s funny but I was thinking of a lamb theme. “March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb”, plus the Easter ties to the lion and the lamb… anywho. I thought of making the lamb out of radish slices cut into flowers and layered to look like the wool, and a a lion out of egg sheet dyed orange and a half of a hard boiled egg yolk for the face.

  • Vugrl

    I think a cute little animal holding an umbrella with rain drops made from white cheese and cute little flowers along the bottom would be cute for spring!

  • Enola Jones

    I’d love to see a rabbit and a chick hatching out of colourful eggs on a background of light green greens or yellow rice. In the other tier, spring fruits like strawberries and blueberries and cheese cubes.

  • I would love to see a beautiful cherry blossom in bloom for a spring bento! Or really any blooming flower because I am sick of all this snow everywhere! Lol

    Maybe a cute animal in those flowers as well? That would be very cute!

  • Deann

    Spring always makes me think of rain πŸ™‚ But one of my favorite parts of spring is Sakura trees! Can’t imagine how to make a Sakura bento though…LOL

  • Pam

    The first bento I’d put in it would be the obvious… The bunny and flowers from the lid on a bed of green rice/spinach with some yummy yellow tamagoyaki around the sides. And my cute and easy favorite, fruits and veggies cut in the shape of flowers in the bottom

  • You make such lovely bentos. Thank you for the continual inspiration!

    Looking at all of this and pondering what makes me think of Spring? White puffy clouds in a blue sky and a lovely lemon yellow sun. An egg hunt below amid flowers and high green grass.

    Hmm…I’ll have to figure out how to make this myself too!

  • erisgrrrl

    Lots of beet greens and asparagus as a bed for a basket of flowers. The basket could be made from a small inari with green bean stems and cheese, fishcake, carrots and beets for flowers. Maybe a few boiled quail eggs dyed with the beet and carrot juices tucked away in bits of the greens.
    The bottom layer could be a few little treats like fruit and tiny chocolates.

  • Definitely something like pasta primavera – the colors scream Spring with all the fresh veggies. A mixed green salad with colorful veggies as well. Also a tea dyed hard boiled egg.

  • This is so cute! I says spring.

    I think definitely flowers. Daffodils and Crocuses would be the perfect bento for spring. The first flowers that sometimes even get snow on them.

  • Lucy

    So cute! I would definitely put in a cute little spring chick theme with eggs hatching, or flowers just beginning to sprout!

  • Summer

    I would put a yaki onigiri, blanched carrots, cauliflower, and broccoli, parmesean crunchy chicken nuggets, spicy peanut furikake, and a Lindt chocolate bunny!

    I hope I win!

  • i won’t be greedy and enter, because i already have this box – it’s fab and a great small size for portion control purposes (some of the double layer boxes hold a lot more). what an awesome and fun prize package — best of luck to everyone who is entering!

    just wanted to say beautiful sheep bento, and great idea with cutting the mochi slice into easter egg shapes — as usual your clever details delight me!

  • yay a contest! you are so generous. spring to me = fresh veggies so i would probably do sushi with different colorful veggies that were soaked in some sushi vinegar and sugar. or a charaben with cute baby veggies popping out of a bed of rice or something.

  • Molly

    I think an “april showers” theme would be cute! Raindrops and an umbrella?

  • Ryane

    Ohh, I say an adorable baby sloth with bunny ears on, climbing in a tree/on a branch….

  • Kimi

    My suggestion would be to make everything in spring/pastel colors.

  • Jennifer S

    Tulips! I can’t wait for the tulips to bloom.

    Fab blog!

  • bunny

    a big shining sun and a sea of daffodils! i just found out about your site and bento-making, and would love to have the great starter set you are so generously giving away!

  • Backpack

    Love your site. I just got into bento making anf you have been a great help.

    A perfect spring theme? I think maybe a garden in full bloom. Different types/colored flowers, maybe a bunny or two, some ducks even?

  • Amber

    Awww such a cute bento, love the sheep πŸ™‚

    I would say some different types of flowers with a family of baby chicks, those things are pretty dang cute

  • I know it’s been done before, but I love, love, love buckwheat soba noodles in the shape of a nest with a couple of quail eggs dyed bright blue.

  • With Spring coming, I look forward to seeing all the squirrels in our backyard out again. So I would love to be able to make a bento featuring those adorable squirrels! Maybe showing them chowing down on our spring garden even!

  • Dana

    I would love to make a box using only fresh spring ingredients. I’d use lamb for a meat dish, turnips for the carbs (flavored with leeks), a mini spring green salad, and boiled/sweetened rhubarb for some tasty (and healthy) zing! Asparagus stalks could be cut up and used for edible baran πŸ™‚

  • Jasmine McClain

    I love the little lamb bento it is so cute! The mochi turned out perfect;y for easter eggs I thought that was what they really were at first!
    For a spring bento I immediately saw the cover of the bento box and was like ‘bunny!’ I have an obsession with cute little bunny things because ever since I had Desmond, I call him bunny…my little bunny…bunny bear…bunny boy. Lol. My husband doesn’t like it, Desmond being our first boy, when I call him bunny the hubby says ‘tell mommy I am not a damn bunny I am a man!’ I laugh so Anyways, I would make a bento of my baby boy in a bunny suit!! I would like to dye the rice for the background green like grass and my baby holding a little carrot. Or a jar of carrot baby food since he is only 7 months I can just see him with a little fluffy tail and the ears…and oh my gosh I HAVE to find a baby bunny suit to dress him in for easter!lol

  • Annie

    I think a great bento idea for that box would be a Robin with flowers or clouds.

  • Shani

    I would do a bunch of omelet flowers with hot dog centers and snap peas for leaves. With a rainbow of mini onigiri.

  • aesedai

    hmm for spring i would bento a momma duck and her ducklings, they are so cute!
    keep up the awesome work pikko, you are my go to bento specialist πŸ˜‰

  • Mombento

    I sais it on live journal, but I love the matching flowers with the sheep!!

    Well my idea (for the contest ;)) of a perfect spring bento would be to put a light salad with flowery quail eggs in the bottom tier and in the upper tier I would stuff with all the fabulous little cocolate eggs and bunnies that are now for sale!

  • Sebbe

    For the spring themed bento I think there should be somekind of a cute “stream”, with cute animals (like dogs, cats and rabbits) and flowers on a green field on the sides of the “stream”.

  • Samantha S.

    I would probably have a bento with an umbrella and flowers… and a few others with kittens and then eggs for Easter.

    However, I plan on making my fiance a chocobo themed bento since it is both Spring like with the yellow, and well.. my old FFXI server is gone now. So, it would be more like a bon voyage to my character for good. πŸ™

  • Rhiannon

    drat, that sheep has me wanting lamb chops! LOL an the mochi eggs are adorable, I wondered at first if they were some kind of cute little mints.

    Now that the weather is getting nicer I’m hoping to have a day without rain (in Indiana, riiiiight) and take mom out to visit/decorate dad’s grave. It would be nice to sit on the bench there in the little park area and have a bento lunch afterwards. I have no idea where I could get quail eggs other than the canned ones I’ve seen at the asian store, I’ve never bought them because I’m not sure what they’d be like, are they any good? A lady near here has chickens and sells eggs, I might ask her if she has any new hens laying smaller eggs and get them, so:
    nice FRESH boiled bunny faced eggs with a nori face and cheese and ham ears (white cheese for the outside, pink ham for pink inner ear)
    a tiny salad of fresh spring greens with an herb dressing I like to make in a little bottle on the side and some veggies cut into flower shapes scattered over the salad, I have some yellow pickled radish I could cut into shapes too, along with cucumbers and pickled beets.

    Some rice with daffodils blooming over it made of chives for the green part and white and yellow cheese for the flowers. I have a few umeboshi I had ordered online, I think a couple of those setting over a chive stems would be cute, like buds of blooming flowers

    and probably cheese and ham sandwiches that I would cut shapes out of, I have a bunny head cookie cutter around here that’s a pretty good size, a good sized flower one too. I’d put a little nori face on the outside of the bunny sandwiches,

    some fruit and chocolate for dessert, maybe a couple of those pastel mints as after breath freshener! (my salad dressing is pretty garlicy!). I recently found out that drained canned mandarin oranges or fresh tangerines/satsumas/whatever you call them with a drizzle of agave syrup over them and layerd in a flower shape over plain or vanilla yogurt is REALLY REALLY TASTY! I’d need to get some kind of cups for that though. I have to get pretty creative for bento supplies here in the land “we only have a walmart”. I saw silicon trays for making muffins that were flower shaped, I bet if I were REALLY careful I could cut them apart into silicon cups for a bento! Hopefully they are on after easter sale now!

    I’ve been pondering over what I might do for our lunch bentos so thank you for kicking me into gear and the idea of spring theme!

  • In the top white layer – I would fix a yellow (curry or saffron) rice “chicken” on top of some quick sauteed chicken. (reverse appearance stirfry) with steamed brocolli.

    In the lower yellow layer – I would do a fruit “salad” with shaped pieces of fruit & nuts add a small amount of yogurt for mixing or dipping and its a yummy meal.

  • Uniflame

    Pink flower shaped onigiri, a chick egg, some green spinach leaves, those cute duck family foodpicks, and some more fruits or veggies in sakura shape.

  • Wow, great spring contest! ^__^ Thank you! I’ll have to try, too!

    In the lower layer:
    Cute little mini-Onigiri-Balls stuffed with Thuna and Mayo, one rolled in white sesame, one in black sesame and the others in some furikake-variations or with nori outside. Next to the Onigiri I will place a broccoli-baran and next to them some tamagoyaki with herbs and red pepper mixed in. Then I’ll decorate with some fresh herbs and maybe one or two little tomatoes.

    Top layer:
    Some little tuna-tofu-miso-burgers decorated with cute foodpics like this bone-thing in your photo and placed on fresh salad-leaves πŸ™‚ One little soy-sauce-fish with ketchup inside next to the burgers. then I would place some cucumber in checkerboard-style. And at the end I will put some fresh Strawberrys, cute Mini-Kiwi-Berrys and one little candy =)

  • It’s not already spring here (so cold!) but I must saythat this box looks made for a kawai type of spring bento. I would say that you coulb put fresh vegetables and fruits of spring, and even edible flowers :P. A fresh mixed salad is really something good in spring :).

  • The Spring Contest is such a great idea. Thank you so much Pikko!
    Well.. I didnΒ΄t quite understand if I should suggest a theme only or the whole contents for the box (like the other comments)… hmm..
    … hereΒ΄s my suggestion: A Hedgehog Themed bento ^_^. European hedgehogs usually hibernates for the winter and come out in spring. The hedgehog could be made of omusubi or/sandwich or/sausages+spaghetti. Together follows typical spring flowers like carrots/sweet pepper tulips, omelet daffodils/narcissus and tomato ladybugs πŸ™‚
    For the other layer, a variety of fruits, maybe flower shaped and cooked asparagus (another delicacy for the spring)..
    Eh.. the fact is.. when snow melts around here, things get happier ^_^

  • In the bottom dish, rice, half colored green half blue done lengthwise to look like grass and sky. Mix some rice seasoning into the green to give texture. Cut out flower-shaped carrots and yellow bell peppers with green onion stems.

    In the top dish cauliflower sheep with a deli meat face. Add asparagus sushi (wrap asparagus in rice and nori) with a delish sweet dipping sauce.

  • charmed1

    Spring time makes me think of crocuses popping up through the ground regardless if their is snow on the ground or not and the return of song birds. I think a nice Spring bento would be either some green beans or asparagus cut on a diagonal surrounded by lettuce on one third of the white tier of bento box and a either a bed of rice with a song bird on top or a beef stir fry that resembles the mostly empty flower beds we have up here in New England. In the yellow tier, if you are feeling healthy, fruit, but I think a lovely selection of candies from around the world with bright wrappings would be awesome.

  • Top tier:
    a mini orange cupcake with a bunny face drawn in chocolate icing (I love bunnies) a few strawberry or cherry balloons, some kiwi slices and banana slices.

    Bottom tier:
    1/3 with chickpeas with finelly chopped onion, olive oil and vinegar and on top small carrot flowers and a few greenpeas tossed around. The other 2/3 i’d put noodles mixed with a bit of nori for colouring, rolled up to make a nest and an egg in the middle with a little chick coming out of it.

  • I think of flowers when I think of spring, or gardens. So anything you would plant would be fun!

  • I would love to see a bento with some pretty blue colored rice and white cheese cut as clouds, maybe a pretty yellow sun as well. Then some fruit/veggie flowers. Just tons of color and fun stuff. πŸ™‚ I’d probably use my daughters round Vivo box so I had lots of room to make a mini flower garden. I’m very much a beginner, so I haven’t gotten all the tools to put my creations into being. I need to find a place to get the rice coloring powders…is there a good website for those? My local store didn’t seem to have anything like that.

  • Jennifer

    In the top layer I’d put fresh fruit, some raspberry walnut vinaigrette for dipping with a sprinkle of blue cheese in it.

    In the bottom layer I’d put inarizushi left open stuffed with rice dyed pink, green and blue so they look like little Easter Baskets and a hardboiled egg cut open to look like a cracked egg. I’d stuff a little lettuce around it to look like the egg was lying in the grass.

  • I think you need bunnies. Little purple eggs. And possibly something made out of white chocolate. Why? No idea. It just seems like a thing to do. I don’t even like white chocolate. It’s just pretty.

  • Loolee

    I would use a tri-color pasta and pesto for a cold salad, top it with a smattering of carrot flowers, and a colored hard-boiled egg on one layer. The bottom part will be yellow rice with a bunny cut from ham and cheese, smelling a flower shaped from tomato.

  • In the bottom layer I would do a garden plot with shoots coming out (perhaps using brown rice?). In the top layer I would do a watering can made from egg or cheese, and lots of flowers made from fruits and veggies!

  • I love this one! I think a baby chocobo would be perfect for spring- although I might be a little biased! ^_^

  • Rebecca

    I think that in one half a cherry-blossom themed bento would be nice. You could do a blue rice/green rice background (for sky and ground), and then make ham and cheese cherry-blossoms and nori tree trunks in the top. In the other half you could go American Easter, and put in a bunny or bird shaped egg, and some of the miniature cadbury eggs behind it in a cup?

  • I love your cute little sheep. I am also crazy about scrapbooking. It never occurred to me to use those skills with bento. Imagine the paper piercing possiblities.

  • Angelene

    ooOo..a fabulous giveaway:)

    So, I shall make it a colourful theme..since spring is always colourful and it’s time to loose some weight…:)

    so bottom part: Fill it with fusili pasta with tuna and pea, sprinkled some spices on top of it to make it taste..better:)
    upper part: cut some cucumber and carrot sticks and include a mini cup of houmous to go with. Add in some colourful M&M choc to finish the meal with sweetness:):)

  • Christina

    I think a nice Spring Mix Salad with grilled chicken and some beans, fruits & nuts would be perfect. Light, healthy & filling too. πŸ™‚

  • Rain

    I didnt read thru all of these so if i repeat some ideas im sorry. For spring i picture a day in the park. blue sky with white clouds and a kite maybe out of ham or american cheese maybe corn kernels for the bows on the tail. the child would be seen from behind so the head could just be hair or a hat cause they are chasing their kite. brocolli trees, carrot flowers, grassy hill… a nice day to fly a kite in a park screams spring to me. i hope spelling well isnt mandatory as ive lost my brain with the nice day here.

  • Danielle

    When I think of spring, I think of rain! I’d cut raindrops out of cheese and color them blue with food markers. I’d also make an umbrella using cheese for the top (decorate with food markers) and nori for the handle. Those would go on a bed of green rice in the white tier. The other tier would hold a strawberry, chicken teriyaki, and some sauteed asparagus.

  • Jay

    I like the idea of all the spring flowers represented in a bento (at least I would put that in my girlfriend’s bento and probably not mine). πŸ™‚

  • K

    I think a pastel spring theme would be super cute… Dashimaki Tamago rolls in one section, Edamame for some green color, Pink-colored rice balls or maki rolls with cucumber. One giant section would have to be left open for a big frosted cupcake!

  • Adelene

    flower shaped onigiri with salmon flakes, decorate it with stir fry carrots and lotus at the side.

    add in loved shaped kiwi and grapes plus slices of turkey breast meat marinated with marmite and honey.


  • Sara

    Spring won’t make it to our house for a while, it snowed again last night! When I think of spring, I think of fresh asparagus, eggs, ham, baby peas, etc. (Yep, I think of food…) I would make an asparagus roll wrapped with ham in the bottom tier. Then a salad with spring greens, carrot/cheese flowers, baby peas and grape tomatoes in the top tier. Nestled in the salad would be two boiled quail egg chicks, and a “pig” of ponzu sauce to use for dressing. πŸ™‚

  • Becca

    I’ve never really had the chance to make a ‘cute’ bento as I have no special equipment and don’t own a box with two levels, but if I could I’d make a bunny themed one with lots of fresh vegetables, with little onigiri in the shape of a rabbit, or just really small rice shapes with a bunny face made with cheese. Not sure why, but I’m thinking of a little prawn cocktail would look nice, as they’re pink and I can make a good marie rose sauce to cover it. :p Apple bunnies would be good too!

  • Adri

    On one side, I would have rice, and make a bunny out of cheese, nori and fish sausage, perhaps nibbling on some grass made out of nori as well. On the other side, an array of fresh fruits and veggies, carrots, celery, an apple bunny perhaps, and some orange slices.

  • Just discovered your blog! Very cute and I can’t wait to try making bento myself.

    Since this box has that cute little rabbit on it, I think a vegetable garden would be a cute theme. Don’t let the bunny eat all of your carrots!

  • Jempress

    A Rainbow theme!
    bottom layer – various colored fruit – from red to purple (strawberries, clementine segments, pineapple chunks, kiwi, blueberries, purple grapes)

    top layer – sunshine and rain – (combine to make a rainbow :). bottom layer of hashbrowns or rice. the sun could be a small round egg omelet (cut out with a cookie cutter) with hot dog “rays” (cut in half lengthwise, and then cut into little slices. place around egg omelet in a double layer) and nori eyes and smile. rain drops can be cut out of a white cheese (swiss or provolone and dyed blue. Umbrella among the rain drops can be made with cheddar or american cheese, and decorated with polka dots from the white cheese.

  • Susan

    I think a spring/renewal theme would be great.
    In the top layer, I would make a little swirled nest out of soba noodles seasoned with soy and ginger, sprinkled with sesame seeds. On top of the nest, a hard boiled quail egg that looks like a baby chick. Surrounding the nest, blanched broccoli and asparagus. (using my umbrella pick on the asparagus) Also in the lower level, tiny stacked sandwiches (in flower shapes) cut out of ham and cheese on whole wheat bread, garnished with carrots also cut with smaller flower cookie cutters. To finish the top layer, an adorable red radish cut to look like a mushroom and a couple purple potato flowers to welcome spring.
    In the bottom layer, I would start with a tiny chocolate bunny for dessert. Around it I would put yellow mango flowers (using flower picks that look like stems) with black sesame seeds as the centers. Green grapes and red raspberries round out the color pallet.
    Love your site! Thanks.

  • Lily

    spring is here..woohoo:)
    this means more vege available!

    Top layer:: Indonesian style fried noodle with asparagus and shrimp, decorate it with flower shaped carrot pieces

    bottom layer:: slices of nectarines, yoghurt in mini container and a few mixed nuts!

    Yay…spring is beautiful…

  • To maximize the bento’s Spring theme on an international level, I would use carrot kinpira (it looks like Easter grass to me when cut with a mandolin), smoked salmon, since fish is a symbol of spring and Easter in European countries, strawberry sakura and plum blossoms, since being from Florida I can assure you strawberries are sweeter this year than they have been for a while, a few cute bunny-shaped quail eggs with different expressions, and tri-colored rice arranged like a festive Easter egg.

  • Jeni

    Hmmm…when I think of Spring, I think of Easter eggs. And Butterflies. And Bunnies. And little baby chicks.
    Okay, so I’m kinda thinking that on the top layer do like a sky scene with butterflies and little baby birds…and magically hidden Easter eggs. I don’t know what kind of food you’d use because I’m more of a visual person than a food person and typically hunt through my kitchen to see what I can use.
    On the bottom layer, do like a grass scene with bunnies and chicks…and more magically hidden Easter eggs. Or have someone else hide the eggs. Then you can look for them when you’re eating and it’ll be like your own little mini easter egg hunt!

  • Ali

    I think that a good spring bento may be either a lion (because spring comes in like a lion, out like a lamb for March), easter eggs seem kind of obvious ones too. You could also do some may flowers which are super pretty with some butterflies! πŸ™‚

  • Dixie

    Wow, I have never made bento, but I think it would be cute to cut tulips from cherry tomatoes and baby carrots to make a garden fresh salad! You could use shredded baby spinach for the “grass.” For the other tier, some fun homemade chicken nuggets cut into cute shapes would be delicious!

  • Kelly

    When I think spring, the first thing that comes to my mind is cute little bunnies munching on flowers, so I think that would make the perfect spring themed bento. πŸ™‚

  • Those mochi eggs came out perfect! I would do a bento with a chicken looking for her eggs in the top part and the easter bunny running away with them on the bottom, know you know where he REALLY gets them πŸ™‚

  • That is so cute, my youngest would LOVE to take one to school πŸ™‚

  • Jamie

    oops, I hit submit too soon,
    I think a spring time themed box would be super cute with all of the different spring flowers, crocus, cherry blossoms – and mabye a little easter theme as well. In my family we have an easter pig rather than a bunny – this is much to long of a story to go into but it is cute πŸ™‚ So possibly have a piggy in there too.

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  • Kathy

    Let’s see now. You want a proposed Spring-time bento lunch. I absolutely love sushi, so I would fill one layer with makisushi that is made with salmon and cream cheese (I tried this and it is seriously yum) and the second layer I would fill with various fruits, cut into spring flowers. Or maybe mini-carmel apples, and use one of the little sauce containers for carmel sauce. I think I am getting hungry.

  • I think anything with flowers and raindrops would be perfect!

  • Top tier: cold soba noodles with a little bit of sauce, with green onions as garnish, and maybe a couple of cherry tomatoes cut in half for color
    Bottom tier: Fresh, juicy fruits (mandarin oranges, grapes, strawberries and honeydew melon) on a bed of crisp lettuce (and maybe some cheese for good measure)
    Oh wow I’m making myself hungry >.>

  • Alice

    Cherry blossoms are a great spring time item in Japan, so I would put cherry blossom shaped onigiri on the bottom that have been died with ume powder. For the middle of the flower I would use one ume. On the top I would put strawberry daifuku, because that is another spring time food. You can learn how to make it by watching this video:

    Good luck!

  • Angelene

    Top tier:: Cheese and onion omelette, with spicy potato wedges.

    Lower tier:: Cherry tomatoes, strawberry and red grapes…the colour of spring:)

    aww..loving spring!

  • Gary

    top tier:: beef stir fry with RED, GREEN and YELLOW pepper, adding some rice at the side.

    lower tier:: watermelon, rock melon in ball shaped. and a piece of banana cake as a dessert!

    remember to write a note:: S.P.R.I.N.G is HERE!!! Smile:)

  • Catherine O

    I’m a novice at making Bentos, but I’ll have a go as I’d love to win – you just can’t buy that stuff in the UK!

    I’d do an animal theme: quails eggs with nori eyes and yellow food colouring to turn them into cute yellow chicks and a fluffy white sheep (shaped out of rice), all on a bed of lettuce. A couple of cherry toms and grapes to add a bit of colour with some animal related picks. There could be tiny nori lettering on the sheep saying ‘Happy Easter’ although my shaking hands might not manage that!

    Love the blog!

  • Lately I’ve been loving goat cheese stuffed inside various things. So maybe some mini sweet peppers in bright colors, stuffed with herbed goat cheese. Then some colorful fruit salad, maybe some chicken salad stuffed into cherry tomatoes on a bed of pretty green leaf lettuce. And a nice chunk of crusty bread on the side. Yum!

  • Jenny Cichowski

    This box definitely has the right decoration and colors to pull off my daughter’s Easter bento!
    I’d use one tier to create an easter basket full of decorated eggs (using egg shaped onigiri and quail eggs) Place some beautifully colored fruits and veggies in the other tier…and find a good place to incorporate the Easter Bunny!

  • Natalie N.

    Here is a fresh, vegan, spring-themed bento idea. The idea is two layers of a garden: the top layer is the foliage and new sprouting buds and things, and the bottom layer is (a bit oddly) supposed to represent the soil, roots, and seeds as best as possible.

    Top layer:
    In two-thirds to one quarter: Spring mix salad with flower-shaped carrots, asparagus tops (preferably sticking up in the salad), raw corn kernels, and 2 apple-slice bunnies; sugar snap peas as a divider.
    In one-third to one quarter: flower-shaped bananas and fresh raspberries.

    Bottom layer: brown rice mixed with super-finely shredded bits of nori, white sesame seeds, and crumbled marinated cooked tempeh, topped with a thin layer of alfalfa-type sprouts.

  • Adelene

    top tier:: stir fry baby sweetcorn with lotus in oyster sauce+ mushroom flavoured cous cous(rmb to use the flower mould) and a quail egg with smiley face

    bottom tier:: mini pot of strawberry yoghurt to go with blueberries and satsuma…yummy~


  • A garden with a rabbit eating a carrot. Maybe a white picket fence somewhere.

  • Lily

    Let’s do some finger food bento today for a picnic under the sun:)

    Top tier: mini round cheese and tomato pizza with few sticks of breadsticks!

    bottom tier: honey glazes baby carrots+ cherry tomatoes+ buttered corn! tuck in a few pieces of ‘hello panda’ choc!

  • Sheena

    an easter theme, complete with dyed eggs. or you can even shape the rice as an egg and decorate it like an easter egg.

  • I would love to make the well known spring themed animals:
    Sheep out of rice and nori
    Baby Chicks out of quail eggs
    bunny out of rice and ham
    Strawberries ,cool cucumber & mini marshmallow

    I love Spring and these Bento box is just the right one for it!

  • Heather

    A bunny rabbit surrounded by flowers ( flowers made from veggies and/or dyed boiled eggs), baby ducks in water( blue colored rice), or just a garden full of different flowers with hidden easter eggs in them. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  • Laura

    I love checking your bentos at the end of the day!

    I would use the bento set slightly different and do a Spring time on the farm each day of the (school) week. Each animal type would be 2D.
    Day1 baby chicks with mama hen (yellow rice for their grain to peck at)
    Day 2 baby kittens playing and sleeping between the flowers
    Day 3 baby lambs eating in the flower bed
    Day 4 a baby horse learning to skip and buck
    Dat 5 maybe a pow-wow at the barn (red of course) with representatives from the animals or continue with the baby animal with an occasional mommy theme.
    Can you tell where I grew up! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the chance to participate. Keep up the great work and hope Buddy feels better soon!

  • Ann

    I’m new to this so I’d have to make something basic. Onigiri bunny and some quail eggs. πŸ˜€

  • Mii

    I think a really cute bento might not be so sunny since spring is known for rain too. April Showers (even though its still March). Maybe with a cute girl in a rain coat or ducks in rain puddles.

  • Mai

    I think a cute rabbit and flowers bento would be very springy and fit well in the box. Maybe an easter egg basket too.

  • Spring makes me think about cute little flowers and baby animals. So I would have gone blue dyed rice to make a pond, little cheese duckies on the pond, bushes of brocolies and tons of flowers made of carrots and pink radish.

  • Jessica

    top layer: thinking of a bumble bee pattern here…because spring reminds me of the flowers =) use corn kernels for the yellow body of the bumble bee, cut ham slices into rectangular strips for the stripes of the body…on a background of green-coloured pasta cooked with salmon and herbs/spice

    bottom layer: banana cake slice, strawberries and kiwi in heart shape

  • Heather R

    I think a little girl laying down on the grass pointing up to the sky at the clouds would be very cute. When I think spring I often thing relaxing and enjoying the warm weather and that would be very cute.

  • Spring bento:
    Eggs of different sizes, all dyed all different colors
    Sping onions with black sesame or pink salt
    Spring rolls, fried and fresh
    All kinds of cute flowers too

  • Kristy

    The perfect spring inspired bento for me would contain only food from the local farmers market (starting in april!) grown or made from foods within a 100 miles of my home. I would make eggs benedict from fresh Kale, free range chicken eggs, local bread, and maybe tomatoes from a local greenhouse here in town. There might even be some apples stored from last year! Spring here we come!

  • Calliope

    I would loove to do a bento revolving around duckies, with Peeps.

  • Adelene

    My suggestion would be making a bento with breaded scampi and thai sweet chilli in a mini container, with a few roasted potatoes as side dish

    as for the bottom layer: pineapple slices with satsumas πŸ™‚ add in another piece of tiffin..sweet:)

  • Lily

    Top layer:: decorate the boiled rice using sticks of asparagus (into a shape of tree) plus stir fried beef in oyster sauce.

    bottom layer:: mixed fruit platter of berries! (blueberries, strawberries, blackberries) plus slices of banana!

  • Angelene

    Dye the rice GREEN to make it as the based, and mould a bear shaped cheese with smiley face e xpression, add on pieces of sweet potatoes to decorate the ‘field’

    then fill the other layer with candies such as Smarties(multicolour) and a yellow plum !

  • Gary

    panda shaped sandwiches with salmon and rocket salad:)

    Hello Panda choc biscuits and slices of peach and dried appricot:):)

  • Hey! I’ve discovered your site with “bentoandco”, and even if I do no let comments I read you every time I can so thanks for the organisation of this contest!
    I am fan of frogs (I’ve seen your beautiful frogbento!) so I would do frogs for spring, because they wake up too!
    I think I would do a nice pond maybe with blue teinted rice, some frogs swimming around and vegetables for the vegetation. And fruits to make colors like orange, green, red… (maybe for the sun, or some flowers in the other tier…)

  • The perfect spring bento.
    That’s not an easy job, let me think about it.

    In the white tier should be rice, mixed with a lot of vegetables, like red bell pepper, spring onions, cucumber and shrimps. They will be topped with some eatable flowers in orange and yellow.
    In the yellow tier should be a big fruit variation with strawberries, plum, orange slices and kiwi.
    As baran should be fresh salad the best to choose. Also in this tier some fried chicken and potato flowers.

    Yup that would be my perfect spring bento^^

  • Amanda Glick

    The perfect springtime bento would be an assortment of quail egg chickies sleeping peacefully on some soba noodle nests with sliced avacado for grass. I would recommend navel oranges as they will be heading out of season and citrus is so very good for you! Navel oranges are adorable too. Give them a cute little face or decorate them like a sun for spring~

    Thank you for the opportunity to win such a neat prize and for the fantastic blog

  • Eleonoora Kalliokoski

    Lots of carrot flowers with a cute cheese bunny, complete with some greenery for grass.

  • Eve

    Hi Pikko, while I don’t always comment I do love reading your site! As for the perfect spring bento, I personally hate rain so would have to make a cute bento full of flowers and sunshine. Maybe something like some smiling pink and yellow tulips in some grass basking happily under the warm spring sun. I also think that the sun should be smiling too since you can never have too many faces in a character bento. And besides, it’s spring! Most everyone has something to be happy about πŸ™‚

  • Leee

    Anything yummy and green. ^.^ Perhaps transform sugar snap peas into little grasshoppers arranged at the side with beautiful romanesco broccoli. Maybe even a nice pretty sun for the background constructed from a thin omelette OR a hard boiled egg cut in half. OR better if the center can be scooped out and then used as a sun xD The whites could be used as clouds! xD Perhaps my immagination went a little wild x__x

  • Vaughn

    Spring is my favorite time of the year to go to the zoo. So I would definitely do a little petting zoo theme. Baby animals like piglet, (my favorite. They’re so cute!!!), chicks, lambs and guinea pigs.

  • MrsDeepsea

    I would create a flower-themed bento. Sushi looking like flowers, really (!) eatable flowers, etc..
    Fresh and powerful colors. But just white rice. I think the natural way is the better one. πŸ˜‰

  • OMG!!!!!!CONTEST!!!!!!
    Your prices look SO CUTE AND AWESOME!!!!(and I WANT THEM SO BADLY.I would buy them myself…but due to the facts that I’m a freshmen in high school w/ no secure income…and having a mother who isn’t a huge fan of Japanese food…i CAN’T)
    I’ve always had bad luck but I hope this time it changes!:D

    SPRING!!!!Spring is my favorite season~So WARM and flowery!!(Sorry for all the excess words)

    Flower would be an awesome theme.
    I mean,I know it sounds very plain and all…but it’s NOT.
    flowers are such fascinating organisms,as a plant itself.
    But besides that,it makes me so happy:)

    Maybe,onigiris that are flower shaped with happy faces on them.
    Some GREEN vegetables to resemble all the green and colorfulness in spring~(Like brocollis,lettuce around the whole bento:D)
    Flower shaped spam meat or fish sausage,like the one from your recent bento!:D
    Also,a SUN made from a mango!
    Cut out the oval shaped mango,and cut out more slices shaped like triangles and place it around the oval to represent the sun’s RAYS.
    And cut out a happy face from maybe…kiwis?Any fruit will do:)
    And it’s not spring w/o sweet sweet strawberries!!!:D
    Maybe they can be chocolate dipped too!
    OHH!!!And cut out cloud shaped white cheese!!!!
    So then you will create a whole scenery!!!
    Cute white clouds that taste like cheese~FLOWERY ONIGIRIS!!!!(It would be awesome if it’s with TUNA FILING!I LOVE TUNA:D)
    And a lot of greeneries around it~like brocolli and lettuce.

    Sorry…i talked a lot.
    But yeah,that would be my DREAM BENTO~Especially for spring.
    Thank you for listening.Your blog is so awesome^^

  • Tania V

    I would make an Easter theme, with a Rabbit and a basket of his colorful eggs.

    Or something with baby farm animals, like chicks, bunnies, ducklings etc. Lots of colorful fruit as well :3 with loads of flowers so that i can take to work and happily enjoy eating it, though i usually take a min or 2 to stare at it first before i chomp down on it XD

  • charmaine

    Tulips would be lovely! And not so hard to make, I think! πŸ™‚

  • Eugene

    Love shaped pink onigiri, with long beans as sides with mixed bean chilli!

    Add in spring fruits, like nectarines or satsumas pieces..woohoo

  • Steph

    nut roast with stir fried vegetables!
    Mixed bean as sides
    Honey glazed carrot and parsnips
    mini strawberry tarts and a slice of rock melon :))

  • L

    how about cute little ducklings playing in a pond

  • Love your Survivor analogy, LOL. I can totally imagine Sandra delivering that line, haha.

    What an adorable bento. I’m almost ready to start making girlie bentos for my little girl (after 3 boys)! I think I’d do a simple row of steamed broccoli on the bottom, and a base of rice. Then a garden of pretty flowers and carrots made out of bell pepper with green beans stems/leaves, and dill for the carrot tops. And a bunny pulling up one of the carrots…I’d probably make the bunny out of white soy cheese personally, but there are lots of options.
    In the other tier I’d put tiny local strawberries, and some yakitori tofu skewers. Mmmmm…

  • heather

    Spring tulips would be nice!

  • This my first time entering a contest >3<

    Spring makes me think of the spring festival and flowers. In the top part, I would make a mochi with red bean filling and wrap it in plastic with a sticker to keep it separated from the other foods. Next to it, in a bento cup, some flower shaped spam musubi. Then the rest would be rice with a cute chick cut out of cheese and nori with ham cheeks and a carrot beak. I think I would put some ham flower cut outs around it as well. To fill in spaces, I would put half cut sugar snap peas.
    On the bottom part, I would have panko fried shrimp and some tamagoyaki with a bottle of ketchup. I'd also like to throw in a wrapped candy.