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Oceanic Airlines Bento

Last night I wrote and posted an editorial about the upcoming Final Fantasy XI server merges and the way that Square Enix is handling them. If you’re one of my XI readers, I encourage you to read it and hear what is going on with these merges. It’s what’s been upsetting me so much this past week. Basically, unless I move to another server and leave my friends behind, I will lose the name Pikko that I’ve had since 2003. Of course, the name will live on, but I really wish that I could have retired her on better terms than those presented to me now.

Oceanic Airlines Bento

Today’s LOST bento is one that I’m going to be eating at home because this morning, Buddy woke up with croup cough and lethargy, so I stayed home with him. Of course, by 9:30 he was jumping up on and down on the couch asking to watch Finding Nemo. Anyway, it’s the Oceanic Airlines logo made out of cheese, nori, and alphabet pasta. I’ve complained about these bright blue boxes before because I have a hard time with the color, but today it was the perfect color to match this logo.

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On the side, I have some slices of leftover chicken katsu, broccoli, clementine, and a cherry tomato. The logo I cut out with paper cutouts and toothpicks. The Oceanic words are cut from nori. The red dots are cut with a straw and colored with food coloring and toothpicks.

Oceanic Airlines Logo

The pasta I dyed with blue food coloring, but I should have used the neon blue as it just looks black. Actually, now that I think about it, I think I rinsed the letters off when I did the Ajira Airlines one. Oops!

Tonight’s episode is called Dr. Linus. I’d have done a Ben bento again, but decided to watch House last night instead of cutting out itty bitty nori pieces. It was worth it, too. I’d loan my car to Dr. Chase any day! 😀

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  • Have you thought about Kupikko? I thought about it the other day when talking to my moogle and thought it might be cute. I hope you don’t leave the ffxi community over this- while I agree that SE should have thought the name process through a little more, I think it would be a shame to lose someone like you to a name change.

    I love the box. It is just so much fun!

  • Becca

    Sorry to hear about your game problem, I can sympathise.. I play a different game to the one you play, and our servers are being closed down compleately. :< The servers for those playing the Japan version are still up and getting new content, but they're killing off ours. No fair.

    So I shall cheer myself up by looking at photos of pretty bentos~ Ahh, much better!

  • Joe

    Are you 100% sure that your name is taken on Lakshmi? I was under the impression that you could not have multiple characters of the same name on the same PoL ID. Have you tried having a friend make the mule?

  • soooo cool, and love the use of the alphabet pasta again. what a beautiful and detailed representation of the logo — i so look forward to your lost bentos! woo hoo!

  • Aileen

    I can’t believe I’ve only come across your blog now. I LOVE Bento, and I REALLY LOVE LOST! but merging the two is even better! I’m definitely looking forward to more that you do!