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Kwon Musubis (LOST Bento #7)

I woke up this morning without much of an appetite, so I decided I’d better just pack something small and non-oily for lunch today as I feel well enough to go to work. I had wanted to do more shamrock stuff than just one tomorrow, but since today is Tuesday, I can’t exactly just throw my LOST bento tradition to the wind for some greenery!


Today I have the Kwons perched on top of two musubis. I used a font called Lost Forever to get these faces. I printed them out at (I think) 125 font size and then cut them out of nori. I paired my rice balls up with some green tea and ochazuke mix to eat it with. Do you get what’s in the last container? Hint: it alludes to something from last week’s episode.

Yes, it’s homage to what is quite possibly the weirdest combination of fruits and vegetables I’ve ever heard of: green beans and bananas. It’s my Ben Linus grave digging food tier, though I didn’t have green beans and used sugar snap peas instead.


Here’s a closer look at Jin. His lips are a little too girly for my liking, but that’s basically how the font had it, so I guess it can’t be helped. I had hoped to find a picture of Jin with his longer hair as I think that looks much better, but alas, no go. I think tonight is a Sawyer episode, but I since I was going to make two musubis for lunch, they seemed a fitting couple to immortalize in cheese. I sure hope they get reunited soon. I’ve been waiting for that scene for forever! And come on, where is DESMOND?!?


Here’s a closer look at Sun. When I showed her to Mr. Pikko he thought she was Diane Ako and I wanted to kapow him. I think she looks better than Jin. I was surprised I was able to get her eyes done. Usually cutting out eyes makes me want to gouge my own out with my scissors.

Happy LOST viewing tonight! To view all my LOST bentos, go here!

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