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Ab Aeterno – LOST Bento 9

As I mentioned last week, Ab Aeterno was the first Season 6 LOST episode to ascend into the upper ranks of LOST and so there was no doubt in my mind what should be done this week. I’d planned to do a cross pendant with a quinoa chain, but the nori cutting this morning took much longer than I expected. Who knew Nori Isabella would be such a pain in the ass?

Richard and Isabella Bento

I tried and tried and tried to cut her eyes and lips out better, but nothing worked. This is what I ended up settling for. I thought Richard came out great and Isabella’s hand was surprisingly easy to cut out. This took me about an hour and a half to cut, with the lunch taking a whopping five minutes. Many thanks to Vlorsutes for making the image black and white for me. Not bad for a screencap from YouTube! Haha!

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We were late, so I had thrown my alphabet letters into a black food coloring solution, then thrown them into a paper towel to dry before putting them on. Unfortunately, I had apparently forgotten (although I SWEAR I didn’t) both my ‘S’ letters or dropped them somewhere and there was just no time to dig out more.

I ended up ripping some other extra curved letters I had and making them into the ‘S’ letters I needed. It says, “Mi amor, ya estamos juntos.” which I got from the Lostpedia transcript of the episode. It’s the last line she says to Richard (well, second to the last, I guess), “My love, we are already together.”

They rest on a hamburger patty in a bed of rice. There’s corn, a tomato, and broccoli on the side.

Richard and Isabella

Here’s a closer view of them. Sniff, sniff. Let’s make it hard to see the computer screen, shall we?

This is actually a great stand-alone LOST story, which I think can be enjoyed even by people who don’t watch the show. While you may not know who Richard is (we just found out ourselves), the story is concise, tragic, romantic, and extremely emotional. In other words, it’s total girl porn.

To give just a snippet of background though, Richard has lived about 150 years on the island suffering the loss of his wife. And he still. freaking. loves her. This is probably why I loved Twilight so much. The idea of undying love is just so hauntingly beautiful.

Tonight should be more good girl porn, as we finally get to see the story of the Kwons. Will we see them united? Will we find out why they’re not married in the sideways? Will we get to see Team Zero in the rear cubicles?

Team Zero was the name my group of extras that didn’t get picked for Jin and Sun’s airport stuff gave to ourselves. I eventually got to go do some stuff, but it was way way in the background kind of background stuff. I ended up spending my time almost dying laughing because the extra that was supposed to be talking to me kept making me laugh. Then some other guy that looked like Dana White was making googly eyes at us through the glass. It was just too funny.

For the record, I think that Jin is the candidate and not Sun, because Sun is only a Kwon by married name.


This is a bento I made yesterday, using a Vivo Kids Bento Box that I got on Amazon like six months ago, then lost behind my printer. I found it the other day and finally used it. It’s a really great bento box. The plastic is extremely sturdy, colorful, and it uses the old fashioned metal clamp to lock the two tiers together with a handle on top. With the pretty colors, it actually makes for a great kids box and with deep sides, is perfect for making a charaben that doesn’t get smushed by covers.

I packed rice, oyako donburi, and kabocha tempura in the first tier. In the second I have imitation crab salad, choy sum, sliced plums, and orange slices.


This is Mr. Pikko’s bento, using the beautiful cedar bento box that I got from Life Without Plastic. His lunch is basically the same, just without the plums.

Today’s Bento Hoodlum photo includes my office Domokun, which I’ve had since I bought him during Fan Fest 2008.

H1N1 Domo

They were excited to play until they saw that he had a mask on and a band on his arm that says H1N1.