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Teri-Q Salmon Bento & Giveaway

As some of you know, I’m a born and raised Hilo girl. When I first moved my doe-eyed innocent butt to Honolulu in 1997 to begin college at UH Manoa, my Aunty Joy took me under her motherly wings and helped me adjust to life away from home. She got me pepperspray, made me a freaking crazy looking club with which I was instructed to use to beat the crap out of anyone who approached me in the dark, and drove me to Kunia Walmart to buy all those dorm things like shower caddies and soap and sheets and stuff.

I was welcome to sleep at her house on the weekends to feel at home, but eventually I met Mr. Pikko and I distanced myself to fall in love with my super senior hunk. Throughout the years, she’s always been supportive of me and the things I’ve gone through. She’s the kind of aunty that you want to tell good news to because she’s got that massively enthusiastic positive outburst that makes your good news suddenly feel like fantabulous news. On rare occasions over the last 13 years, I’d end up at her house and usually I’d leave with a bottle of her famous teriyaki sauce, packed in a recycled mayo jar with layers of plastic wrap at the top, ensuring that you’d pop at least three blood vessels trying to open the precious stuff.

Teri-Q Salmon Bento

Fast forward to today and Aunty Joy is now starting up her own company of the sauce called Taste of Joy. Since she’s given me free jars of sauce in the past, I felt it was time to give back to her a little by blogging a little more in-depth about her product. The sauce is called Teri-Q and can currently be purchased at craft fairs for $5 per bottle. I recently stopped by at the Manana Elementary Craft Fair to buy two bottles, one for myself and one to give away.

The bento above is one that I packed for Mr. Pikko in my bento box from Eco Lunchboxes, my new advertiser. Get 15% off your purchase at Eco Lunchboxes for the entire month of May using the coupon code “greenbento”. It contains some Teri-Q Salmon, which is made from a recipe included in a little recipe book attached to the bottle. I don’t think the salmon is supposed to look that dark brown, but that’s just me being a disaster in the kitchen. Despite an ever so slight burned taste, it still tasted awesome. I pan fried it according to her instructions, but I think next time I’ll try using it with Grandma J’s Teriyaki Salmon recipe. I am a huge fan of salmon cooked with mayo and doing that with Teri-Q will just be more epic.

Teri-Q Asparagus

After I burnt the salmon, I cooked some asparagus as fat as my thumbs (from Costco) in the remaining sauce. That turned out yummy! Unfortunately, the heat cooked it down a little too much, which is why it’s pretty wilted in the bento.

Aunty Joy’s little recipe book has seven recipes and general tips for using the sauce. To win my extra bottle of Teri-Q, post a comment here and tell me who your favorite aunty is. Of course, I’m lucky to have more than one awesome aunty, cause you all know how great Aunty C is too!

I’ll draw a random winner on Saturday. Good luck!

Tabby Bento

I packed a quick charaben for myself that I made in 15 minutes. I have a lot of these rolls leftover from making Maki’s recipe for dinner last week. A pack of four chicken breasts ended up netting me 12 rolls, which is a LOT of bento food! I cut it in half and tucked it in with onigiri, a ham and cheese tabby, broccoli, strawberries, and a tomato wedge. The lettuce garnish is from the yard.

I’ve been slacking on my Docubentory, so here’s Box #22. My collection on Flickr is a bit more updated now for people curious. It’s really highlighted to me which boxes I’ve been sorely neglecting and need to use.

Box 022

The kids have been doing a lot of things lately that I need to document somehow because I know when they’re older and I’m trying to scream hysterically into their heads why they can’t elope at 18 or have their own motorcycle at 15, I’m going to wish for days like these when fist-sized holes get cut into my bedsheets or my son gets his nails painted hot pink by a sister maddened by the fact that she only has ten fingers and ten toes to paint.

I had consented to her painting my toenails until I began to feel the cool airy nail polish feeling on my flesh, at which point I told her it was over. I’m now walking around like an idiot with only one foot painted.

They’re freakishly obsessed with playing Cooking Mama 3 right now and a few weeks back I finally figured out that the puffy cloud means you have to blow into the mic. The kids have a hard time with this, so when me and Mr. Pikko saw Baby Girl holding the DS up to the A/C unit, we almost died right there. Yesterday, I come out into the living room to find a frilly yellow umbrella unfurled and stuck between couch cushions. Buddy was lying underneath it playing Cooking Mama. He needed the umbrella because it was raining (outside).

Anyway, thanks for being my kid story guinea pigs!

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  • Teri-Q sauce sounds delicious! Nice to read that it went well with the asparagus as well as the Salmon. Although I cook meat and fish based bentos for my children, my husband and I are vegetarian, so it’s always nice to spice up some veg.

    My favourite aunty is the youngest of the five aunties I have come to know. She married young, and set up a home for her family that was always welcoming. A place that has that comforting quality which is priceless. Despite being the youngest married woman in the family at the time, I think she did the homemaking thing better than all of them put together! Her two sons were raised with so much love that it’s never worn off them! Her home cooking ‘stuck to your ribs’ in the best way, and she always had a kind word when she saw me. I still see her know and she hasn’t changed a bit.

  • I love the way you are not bothered by posting what you feel like is ‘burned or over cooked.’ It gives me hope that I can do this too.

    I have two favorite aunts, my Aunt Elvia (on my Dad’s side) who allowed my sis and I to live on her ranch every summer so we would know the life of being a kid from the country and learn about the simple things in life like sewing and cooking and making good things from wild fruits and berries picked off the fence line while the cows were trying to get us. And also my Aunt Shorty (on Mom’s side) she taught me to knit, which is right up there with learning how to walk and read. She also taught me the art of drinking…. the part where you learn that you don’t have to get soused to enjoy a good cocktail. She was one of the most fun ladies I have ever met. I miss them both so much.

  • Liz Anderson

    I have the absolute joy of an Aunt — and only one Aunt. She was the ultra-hippie chick in the 70’s with straight long hair, frindged vestsand lived with her boyfriend without being married (oh gasp!).She even rented a house that required them to care for the owners menagerie of animals — like peacocks, goats and I swear there was once a baby elephant!

    She’s stille my ultra cool Aunt who’s maturedandis responsible and holds down a full time job, but there’s still that 70’s hippie-chick glimmer in her eyes, and I adore that about her.

  • Christina

    Hrm… my British Aunt Susan is surely one of my favorites!

  • Haha putting the DS up to the A/Ct is genius! Kidlet has a hard time with blowing to cool in that game too.

    My favorite Aunty was an amazing person. She is no longer with us but when she was, she was a force. She had 4 children all who did about a dozen activities each and she was never frazzled. Always organized, patient, and kind. I do not know how she did it all but on top of that she also ran her own dance studio. She brought a lot of joy and happiness in to the lives of everyone she met and is much missed.

  • Nicole K

    My favorite Aunty was my Aunt Lou, my mom’s only sister. She passed away a few years ago (almost 3 years to the day), but she was fantastic. We’d go to the movies together, to the library and on adventures.
    She didn’t have any kids, so we were pretty close–even sharing a room when she moved in with my family! LOL

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Jasmine McClain

    Awww I really love your kid stories! I like to tell mine on FB when I can remember them, and I thought the same thing, I need to document this for later, I probably wont remember it!lol The Teri sauce sounds exciting and that is great that your Auntie is getting her special recipe out for everyone to taste! I will have to hunt some down if I don’t win the

    So my favorite aunt has to be auntie Christie, my mom’s youngest sister. She was always the auntie who would hang out with us as teenage girls and talk to us about anything since she was the closest in age. I remember a time my cousin and I were getting into a cat fight because she was copying everything I did, I was screeching ‘stoooop copying meeee!!’ Which made my cousin cry, My aunt rushed in and told me, ‘Sometimes people copy someone because they admire them.’ That always stuck with me and made me examine things more closely before I start pitching a She moved away from the islands with her hubby and I miss her so much, but we keep in touch over FB and talk about the crazy and wild children we have, which we both had our first babies 3 weeks apart from eachother, which makes us even closer!

  • bunny

    my favorite aunt is my aunt alicia. i swear i was her child in another life as we are so similar in many, many ways! i used to visit her and my uncle and cousins every friday after work since i lived within a half mile of her, but now she moved 4 hours away to northern vermont and i only see her twice a year. : (

  • I have two favorites, one on my mom’s side and one on my dad’s side. The one on my mom’s side reminds me of myself! She’s so generous in terms of caring for others but asks for nothing in return. The one on my dad’s side is so supportive and genuinely kind.

  • LadySaotome

    Fist-sized holes cut in your sheets? We haven’t encountered that one yet though munchkin did attack our bedroom curtains in a sulky rage once.

    My favorite aunt I tend to forget it an aunt at all. She’s just Kimmy, the baby of the family. She’s so over 10 years younger than her siblings and was pretty young when all the grandkids started being born – so she’s more like an older sister than an aunt. She also married an awesome guy from Columbia and, as a geologist, she travels a bit, living a more interesting and exotic life than the rest of the family – so she’s the cool one everyone loves. ^_^

  • Tiffany

    The sauce sounds delicious! Your blog always make me hungry after reading. 🙂

    My favorite aunt is Aunt Muriel, although she is far far away- she is one of the most exciting aunts I’ve met (and i have quite a handful of aunts). She showed me around New York and I was her maid of honor at her wedding. 🙂 I’ll never forget eating hotdogs at 3 am with her. I hope to see her soon- I miss her terribly. 🙂

  • Kelly Bolduc

    Oh my Aunt Lisa 😀 She lives in Maine, USA on a street called Keepa Way Lane out in the middle of no where. You have to drive 20 miles to get to the nearest grocery/drug/mini market store FOR ANYTHING.
    She is a gourmet foodie and I’m pretty sure she is the reason I cook everyday of my life and love it. When I was young and visited her she always made things that were not normal for a 12 yr old to be thinking of eating. One time she took my sister and I out to her flower and herb beds and we cut the buds of lavender flowers, basil and tarragon and we made lavender butter and basil tarragon butter. It was sooo yummy! But the one thing she did with us everytime we visited in August was take us wild blue berry picking, with this big black hair dog named Bear. Bear loved blueberries and chasing bears off, that’s why we took him. Anyway, we took those plastic beach pails with us and filled them up and took them back to her house to make homemade blueberry preserves. My mouth waters when I think about that stuff… One time we made pancakes with blueberries in them (like 30) and smothered them with the preserves. When we sat down to eat them she gave me a glass of milk. Well what we didn’t know was that it was chunky, sour, rotten, whole milk and I took the biggest gulp of it since there was a hunk of pancake not moving fast enough down my throat. I floundered in my spot gagging and she thought I needed the Heimlich and my sister couldn’t stop laughing. It was just a terrible moment in my life my sister always brings up around the anniversary of my auntie’s death. I miss my Auntie Lisa a lot. ;_;

  • Meagan

    Wow! That asparagus looks (and sounds) amazing!

    My favorite aunt would have to be my Aunt Kay (who we only call Kay, because saying Aunt makes her think of ants). She and my uncle are organic farmers (they raise various produce, chickens, turkeys and rabbits) and it’s awesome because sometimes they share their organic produce goodness! She loves when I post bento pics on Facebook, and I’ve actually started taking her molded eggs when I know I’ll see her because she thinks they’re awesome!

  • My favorite aunt is called Linda. She took care of us a lot when my mom was too busy with life to pay us any attention. She doesn’t have any children herself so she really enjoyed helping us with our school stuff and everything else. Even today, she’s always available for us. She’s had a tough life, but is always positive. She has a heart of gold.

  • Emily

    That teri-q sauce sounds amazing- just what I’m craving for dinner tonight. 🙂

    It’s so hard to pick favorites. . . . I’d have to say my favorite is watching my sisters become aunts to my baby.

  • Adri

    OO, i love trying new sauces! I wish I lived closer so I could purchase some! Hopefully I can win instead!

    My favorite aunt is my Aunt Sue. She lives very far away, but she is so much fun to be around. We always go wave boarding in the ocean whenever I visit, it’s so much exciting! She is also an awesome cook!

  • Teriyaki sauce is yummy! I need to make more, or take a trip out to Hawaii to get some.

    My favorite aunt is my aunt Karina. She and I are a lot alike, and share a lot of ideals and morals that the rest of our families don’t agree with (Mormons). She introduced me to my second family, and also to fencing. She doesn’t cook much, but this fall my rent is to cook dinner for her family.

  • This is a great post! I love reading you stories. I also like hearing everyones favorite aunt stories.

    Your Aunt Tar-Q sauce sound great, how exciting that she is staring up her own company to sell it. That asparagus looks so good. I can’t find the thick ones around here.

    My favorite aunt is my Aunt Desi. She lives on the shore of Lake Michigan in a house that she decorated so cute. She paints beautiful flowers and designs on wooden boxes and dishes and many more decorative things. She even painted the inside of her bathroom sink. The outside garden is just as cute and inviting, just like cozy cottage. She would always make us feel so welcomed.

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  • I only have one aunt, but even if I had more she would be the greatest. When she speaks she really whispers so she sounds like she is always telling me a secret, and we spend early mornings in the kitchen together making lefse.

  • I have 3 aunties, and a lot of great aunties (my dad’s aunts).
    I’d have to say my Aunt Bobby and Bonnie are nice — they brought me some Genmaicha from Hawaii last time they visited (all the way on the east coast).

    The aunts on my mother’s side aren’t very nice, so I won’t mention them 🙂

  • hi there! you are so creative with your bentos! it inspires me to be a better cook for my family!

    i, too, have an aunt who used to help me when i first moved to honolulu. she’s actually my uncle’s wife, and even though we aren’t related by blood, i feel so close to her! she would invite me over when i got bored in the dorms, take me shopping, and teach me various crafts. (crafting is her #1 hobby.) i don’t know if i would have enjoyed college if it wasn’t for my aunty sandie’s help.

  • Your food always looks so good! I enjoy reading your blog everyday and have started shopping at Marukai again and I always check out the bento section.

  • Teri-Q sounds pretty yummy. My favorite auntie is my Aunt Jane, my mom’s sister. She was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago and had a double mastectomy, yet you’d never know to look at her. She’s bright, witty and totally awesome. I wish we didn’t live across the country from each other!

  • sammi

    My favorite aunt is my Aunt Lily.

  • Sandy

    My favorite Aunty is Aunty Polly. She always had stories to tell and they were always hilarious. Never thought “big People” could do such crazy things!

    Love your site – keep up the great work! Thank you!

  • My favorite aunty is my aunt Marianne. We aren’t that close, but she took care of me and my sisters when my mom was on a business trip and made us delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner. She is also a big shopper and think that’s pretty awesome since I love shopping as well XD.

  • Deann

    I have a few favorite aunties! It’s too difficult to pick just one. lol

  • Hello!
    My favorite aunty’s name was Aunt Lois 🙂
    She was my mom’s oldest sister, and besides being my aunty she was also my godmother. When my mother passed away of cancer when i was 12, my aunt gladly and kindly took me in. She taught me important life lessons, gave me a warm place to live, understood me so well, and above all…she did it amidst having breast cancer. Sadly 3 years later she passed away, but all that she has taught me about life and love, has remained with me forever.

  • Tai

    YouTour son is too cute with the umbrella on the couch. I’ve never had salmon with mayo, so I’ll add it to a bento this week and try it out. you are typically my bento inspiration, lol. my favorite aunt is my mom’s older sister Kathy.
    Typically when out and about, people say I look more like her than my mom, and I love her keen analytical yet socially laid back attitude. it’s great to have close aunts, I hope I’m the cool one to my neice! 😉

  • Michelle

    Although I have 4 aunts who are all very special to me, the aunt I would like to mention, even though I can’t claim to have known her very well, is my great aunt Ethel. She was my grandmother’s sister and when my grandparents were killed in a car accident she took in my father and his sisters and brother. During one memorable visit to her house when I was a child, I learned to play solitaire, eat pepper on my eggs, and that applesauce could be chunky.

  • Kathy

    That asparagus looks yummy!

    Okay, my favorite aunt… would have to be my Aunt Maude. She was a very sweet lady who took good care of my brother and me. I miss her.

  • Jennifer

    Hmmm…my favorite aunty…I only have two that are blood-related, and a lot of people I call aunty. LoL. But my favorite aunty would have to probably be Aunty Karen, who is my mom’s sister. She lives in Honolulu and always sends me Japanese candy and whatever else I might be into at the moment. Plus she never forgets my birthday and is always there for every happy occasion.

  • Looks ono! The bento and even the green stuff!

    My favorite aunty is my Aunty Gloria. She used to live in Honolulu and when my cousins were born, she flew me from Kona to Oahu to help her with her 2nd kid – I was all of 12 years old and enjoyed going over to the city. She now lives here in Kona and those kids have kids of their own now. I’m an aunty also and my nieces (5 of um) will tell you that I am their favorite! 🙂

  • Kelly

    My favorite aunt is my Aunt Sally. She’s my dad’s sister and she is really fun. She’s a down-home country gal that raises chickens and lives on a farm. She’s always got a smile and nice thing to say whenever we see her, which isn’t very often unfortunately. She’s always an amazing artist! I love looking her paintings whenever we visit. So, even though we don’t get to see each other very often I’m choosing her as my favorite aunt.

    By the way, dark brown or not, that salmon looks amazing!

  • Liz

    Cooking Mama does get pretty addictive and the ac trick is extremely clever!
    My favorite Aunty is my Aunt Dinah. She lives in San Francisco and is one of the coolest people to meet. She’ll take you bike riding around San Fran, knits us Christmas stockings, and is always available when you need advice. Aunt Dinah’s gutsy and still a little bit of a hippie since she was a teen during the 60’s. Plus, she also makes an amazing pie every time you visit her.

  • Angelene

    I have a lot of aunties since my dad n mum have loads of siblings!
    My favourite aunt is my dad’s youngest sister.
    She is awesome! She knew I am currently studying oversea and thus would save money on food.
    Being the generous aunt, she would send me gift cards from Marks and Spencer so that I will eat quality food. Instead of giving me cash directly, she would send vouchers through post to my home so that I could pamper myself once a while. Quite a smart aunt indeed because if she gave me cash, i would surely save it in my bank account huh…:)

    AWESOMe aunt she is:)

    Btw, asparagus looks yummy..
    I love this vege!

  • Sara

    I love reading your stories, especially of kid escapades!
    I have a lot of very cool aunts, and have the honor of being a favorite aunt to 22 nieces and nephews! (Yes, we have a large family.) My favorite aunt, though tough to pick just one, is my Aunt Carol. She was my godmother, and never missed a special event in my life. She traveled 16 hours in a car to my wedding even when fighting breast cancer! She has passed away, but remains in a special place in my heart.

  • Ms.T

    My fav is Aunty Bev. Always so excited to see and my family and still call me every year on my birthday!

  • Becca

    My pick would be my dad’s sister. 🙂 Do ‘aunties’ who are family friends count too?

    As both of my sisters are getting married this year, I’m looking forward to being an aunt to their future bratlings. ;p

  • Camille

    Wow, I remember a few years ago my mother would eat teriyaki sauce with almost EVERYTHING!! And your aunt’s Teri-Q sauce sounds yummy to me!! (read her website, the recipes just sound soo delicious!!) Well, my Aunt Felma lives with my grandma and grandpa in the U.S.A, and she loves to cook so many yummy recipes, and loves to explore!! But that is only part of her personality.. she loves to do many things, play games, shop, ah, I just can’t list’em all!! Hehe.. She loves chinese food though, especially cooking it. I think this would be great for her and my family. Besides, she is getting an operation somewhere this month, and when she comes back to my place, she’ll love this as a gift for her talent. I LOVE MY AUNT!! 🙂

  • Sara

    Your bentos are a source of constant inspiration to me for healthy, beautiful eating. Teri-Q sauce sounds excellent!

    My favorite Auntie would be hard to choose. My Aunt Joan is inspiring in facing a life-changing illness. My Aunt Sarah is prickly and disciplined and altogether awesome. My Aunt Debbie is wonderful, creative, and … good heavens, I have way too much cool family!

  • Moontaj

    My fave Aunt is my aunt Dana. She lives 3 days away but whenever she comes down it’s fun! She was the first person to ever treat me like an adult, even though I was a teen at the time. So many good memories!

  • Meg J

    My favorite aunty is my Aunt Beverly. She helped babysit me when I was younger, and she was the one who always gave me sane advice, regardless of how insane I was acting.

    My Aunt Bev gave me a love for Japanese foods, the French culture and a desire to see the world. She introduced me to a number of foods no one else in my family would ever THINK of eating. If it wasn’t for her, I never would have taken a chance & moved to Paris, nor would I have then moved to England afterwards.

    She is a great influence on my life. I was never so broken as I was when she passed 2 years ago.

    Thanks for posting this. You made me remember a very special woman:)

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  • Emily

    Mmm, I love asparagus–it looks so good!

    One of my favorite aunts would have to be Aunt Peggy. Not only is she a fantastic cook but she’s taught me a lot as well. She has a knack for finding wacky gifts and she can turn anything (simply cookies, an outfit, wrapping paper) into a work of art! She’s been so inspiring for me and I love her so much. 🙂

  • Morgana Ross

    Teri-Q sounds absolutely yummy!

    My favorite auntie has to be my Great-Aunt Edith. She’s got a heart as big as her voice (and that’s astonishingly big!) and she is one of those people that can get away with telling it like it is.

  • Elena

    I love salmon and teriyaki sauce, so you can imagine how much I’m drooling over my keyboard as I’m looking at your bento ^^
    My favourite aunt would have to be my 2nd aunt from my father’s side of the family. When I was young, she would always invite my sister and I to stay in her house. When we wake up in the morning, she would frequently drive us to the nearly macdonalds for breakfast. While it may not seem like a lot now, but to our young selves, that was a treat! 🙂
    Now the sleepovers have ceased to be, but every Chinese New Year, every Christmas, our family dinners would be held in her house and she, being a great cook, would cook a delicious meal for her 7 brothers, 2 sisters, their spouses, and their offspring!
    She is a loving mother and aunt, kind, generous and outgoing, and I love her very much 🙂