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Bite My Shiny Metal Bento (494)

Yesterday on the way home, we passed by the Harley store on Nimitz Highway and Buddy starts telling me how when he grows up, he’s going to ride a motorcycle. Being a mother, I naturally began telling him how dangerous it is and everything, but he insisted, “I said when I grow up, Mommy! And I’m going to wear a helmet.” Mothers can be so dense sometimes. Later, when we had picked up Baby Girl, he is telling her how when he is older, he’s going to ride a motorcycle to his girlfriend’s house. This immediately perked up our ears, especially when Baby Girl asked him what he’s going to do at his girlfriend’s house.

“Just hang out and spend time with her.”

LOL! I asked him if we could meet his girlfriend and he’s like, “NO, you guys cannot come!” Awww! Anyway, despite me not being invited, isn’t it so cute that he knows it’s important to spend time with his girl at the tender age of four?

Bender Bento

My bento today is an entry for the Kawaii Bento Club I Love Robots! contest. The deadline is the 14th and the winner is chosen at random, so don’t be afraid to enter even if you’re new to bento! I still have to go figure out just how the heck I do the whole Squidoo thing to enter it, but I’m sure I’ll get it eventually. When I first heard about the contest the only robot I could think of was Wall-E, but since AnnatheRed has done a better Wall-E than I ever could, I decided there was only one other robot I liked enough to make a bento about.

For those of you who don’t know him, this is Bender from Futurama and he’s just about the rudest robot ever, as you can see from his little outburst above. When Futurama first came out, Bender was by far my favorite character and I would often tell Mr. Pikko to bite my shiny metal ass. Mr. Pikko likes Dr. Zoidberg, so I may have to figure one out and surprise him one day.

I have chicken katsu Grandma J made in the other tier, with some tomato slices and broccoli. Bender is colored with ground sesame seeds and his face is made with my usual cheese and nori cutouts. I used Saran wrap to shape his head and antenna.

I did a lot of thinking about the kitchen at the house last night, as it needs a bit of work. I think I’ve decided on doing the re-painting myself, hiring someone to change the countertops (probably laminate), and possibly re-doing the floor, but that’s not a high priority. I think with a new paint job and counters, the kitchen will look great. Later, I will save up to buy a spiffy new stove, but in the meantime, there’s nothing wrong with the stove there now. I think I’ve decided to paint it yellow and have brown or dark brown countertops.

One issue that Mr. Pikko brought up was that maybe the kitchen was repainted to cover lead paint, since this is a really old house. Where does one take paint chips to test for lead? 🙁

Box #026

Here’s Box #026! I haven’t taken pictures of boxes in a while, I’m still posting pictures I took months ago. I really should take shots of the boxes I actually use… so far most of these have been boxes in the back of my cabinet that are so hard to reach that I just don’t use them. And boy do I have a lot of these green Hello Kitty boxes….