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Mac and Cheese Bento (505)

Yesterday after school, I had the experience of waking Baby Girl from a car nap to go buy eggs and strawberries at Costco. It was all fun and games, really. First, we played “Dead Weight” in the car. After I finally managed to pull her out as she kicked me in the thighs, we played “Scream Bloody Murder” as she sat in the wagon. After I gave a couple of “No really, I didn’t lay a hand on her” looks to people, we made it into the warehouse with my nerves finally calming down.

As we cruised the aisles, I saw a box of Easy Mac, which I’d never tried before, but when I asked Baby Girl if she wanted it, she immediately perked up. While mac & cheese may not be the healthiest meal around, at least she eats it. Lately it’s getting harder and harder to get anything into her that isn’t fruits, snacks, or candy. She also suddenly hates rice for some reason!

Mac and Cheese Bento

As you can see, I tried to sneak some meat in by making a turkey hot dog flower. She says she gave it to her cousin. Foiled again! In the larger container there are 3 strawberries cut in half, then a snack of vanilla and chocolate goldfish. Maki had asked for some for her boys, but before I could pack it up my little rodents found them and opened them, so I had to go buy more. The strawberries were a bit sour, so I sprinkled a bit of sugar on them.

I packed it in the Zojirushi Mini Bento that I mentioned last week. If you haven’t done so yet, make sure you enter my Zojirushi Mini Bento Giveaway!

By the way, Easy Mac is full of win. It uses like 3x less dishes than a box of mac & cheese!