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The Yum-Yum Domo

When I came in to work yesterday, something was different. Someone had put a TV on my desk!! SWEET!

It’s definitely not what you think though. After cracking up looking at it, I decided it could only have been the work of the Bat Pat. I’m not sure when he came by or how he got in or how long it took him to do this, but it’s totally and completely awesome.

Yum-Yum Domo

As you can see, Yum-Yum Domo rests on a tissue carpet, wears a tissue apron, has a penny necklace, and is even on TV holding a copy of the book!

Take a look at this close-up photo:


Yum-Yum Domo has false eyelashes, can you believe that? LOL!! He’s got a wristwatch and is holding a pencil on his right hand.

Book Signing

Printed and placed on some rulers we had in the office is a sign for my book signings the other week. Freaking. hilarious.

The first time my Domo was attacked by Bat Pat was during a UFC. He turned him into a pirate. Next, when the H1N1 frenzy was about, Domo got sick! I think the message here is that he really wants a Domo of his own.

This past weekend I had my Kahala Mall book signing. I made the mistake of attempting tamagoyaki and my first batch of dashimaki tamago was going terribly, sticking to the pan like it was going out of style. Eventually I got through cooking two rolls, then switched to regular eggs because I couldn’t freaking take it already.


I only managed to get about 1/3 of these eaten. Most of the people declined, either saying they had just eaten or that they couldn’t bring themselves to eat something so cute. Later that night, Grandma J was eating her dinner with her right hand while gingerly holding a chick in her left hand, like she was going to hurt it if she held it any other way. It was so funny! lol