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Windward Mall Book Signing

I’m very sorry for the confusion, everyone, but my book signing at Windward Mall Borders is at 1 PM now instead of 2 PM. I got my own schedule mixed up and scheduled something at the house at 3 PM. Hope to see you there!

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  • Eileen

    The book is fabulous! Was great to meet you at Windward Mall. Glad that we went early and caught you! But am now regretting that I didn’t get a few extra copies for my bento fanatic friends. Are you going to do another book signing anywhere?

  • Aloha Pikko,

    Congratulations on having Yum-Yum Bento Box in yesterday’s Star Advertiser’s Kalakoa column [ ].

    I had to smile when the commentator asks “…whatever happened to a note in a lunch box…?” 😀


  • Delia

    Your Bento is amazing, so adorable~~love them all! just one quick question, how you made that rice blue? I got the powder to make rice pink, but how to make rice blue? would you share the secrets? cheers~~