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Tribute Bento for Avatar the Bunny

First of all, Happy New Year to all of you! Sorry I haven’t been posting much, but the holidays grabbed me by the ears and made me go do all these things like wrap gifts til 2 AM and bake cookies until I was ready to drop dead.

Plus, we had the house painted and during the days they were prepping the house, they began to sand down the existing paint down, causing dust to come in the windows, causing me to have fits of panic. I was at home with Buddy since he had no school and ended up taking him out almost the whole day for a couple days during Christmas and New Year’s week. He’s exhausting and expensive when not in school!!!

Avatar the Bunny Bento

It’s kind of odd that at the start of last year I did a tribute bento to my old pet cat Mochi, and this year I find myself in the same situation for another white animal…

Yes, my son’s rabbit, who he very strangely named “Avatar”, died at around 5 or 6 PM on New Year’s Eve. Isn’t that just tragic? Dying just hours before the Year of the Rabbit? We think it was either due to the loud booms or from him eating avocado leaves earlier in the day.

The bento has in it some leftover Yoshida’s sauce chicken, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, takuan, cucumber pickles, onigiri with kamaboko ears, and sweet potato flowers. The purple stuff in front of Avatar is some purple kale that my mom left here after New Year’s. It’s gorgeous stuff, I’ll have to ask her where she got it.

We’d let him and the other bunnies roam around and relax in the yard that whole day and they seemed to really enjoy it. He ran around the yard nibbling at weeds and grass and napped under the trees.

Avatar the Bunny

Here he is, looking all cute and content and stuff. He wasn’t the most personal of our bunnies, but he was a nice bunny and we liked having him around. Poor guy… We’ll miss you Avatar!

Teenage Chicks

Here we have our two pet chickens, Pikko and Sweetie, standing next to our basil bushes. They’re looking pretty nice with their brown feathers coming in. They still cheep, so I’m not quite annoyed with them yet. Once they start clucking, it will test our relationship a bit. You can see pictures of when they were little baby chicks on Flickr.

As you can see, lots of stuff has been happening for us! I have so many things lined up, including giveaways, cookbook reviews, and product reviews so keep an eye out for those! Thank you to everyone who gave Yum-Yum Bento Box as a gift for Christmas!

My resolution for this year: Re-join Weight Watchers and get myself back down to around 130. All this naughty eating over the last year has brought me back up to around 160, which is worse than it was when I joined WW the first time around!

My other resolution…… to not spend any money on bento gear. Sounds ridiculous, I know, but I have to cut down and since I already have more than I can use, I have to cut that out. Of course, I can still use J-List credit to buy myself things. Heehee, yay for loopholes. >:) I almost blew it when me and Baby Girl went into a Sanrio Surprises store. I swear they’re stocking twice the usual amount of bento stuff and it nearly killed me to not buy the Hello Kitty mayo containers.

Two tough resolutions, but I hope to succeed!