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Hello Kitty Lasagna Bento

To all cute bento fans, Maki and I, along with Quirk Books, are holding a bento giveaway over at the Yum-Yum Bento website. Head on over to enter to win one of three bento lucky bags and an autographed copy of the book, signed by both authors!

Yesterday we finally got around to going to a bike shop to buy me a bicycle to ride to work. While I currently walk to work, a bike would save me time while still giving me my daily exercise (and the same amount of extra points). We ended up spending quite a bit after accessories and safety stuff, so anyone who steals my bike will find themselves stabbed with chopsticks. After I’ve eaten my bento with them!

Hello Kitty Lasagna Bento

Today I’m having my absolute favorite frozen lasagna, Stouffer’s Lasagna with Meat and Sauce. They have these in single servings too, so if you were looking for a good frozen lasagna, this should be your first pick. It’s seriously so tasty, I love it and make sure to buy the max whenever the big tray is on sale. It’s not even that bad points wise, at 7 points per serving. (with the tray cut into 12 pieces)

This to me is essentially what I’m loving about WW. I haven’t really changed at all what my family eats. I simply eat smaller portions of what they have supplemented with 0 point foods. Which is why I was rather amused at the Costco ad, which is offering a deal in buying a whole crapton of NutriSystem foods.

At first I thought this was a great thing, because you didn’t have to worry about cooking. But then I realized, having to cook food for other people to eat and then make yourself eat something else just seems like such an isolated approach. At least this way, I feel like I’m still part of the family in a nutritional way.

This bento contains about 1 1/2 servings of lasagna. I included on the side a fruit dessert of strawberries and blueberries. I topped the lasagna with Hello Kitty cheeses.

Hello Kitty Cheese

I cut the heads out by using my Hello Kitty Veggie Cutters from J-List. The punch I used for the eyes was from this onigiri maker set. The punch is made out of plastic though, so it’s very hard to use. I used one of my little Carla craft punches for the whiskers and cut her nose out with a pinched coffee straw. The bows I painted on with food coloring using a toothpick.

Weight: 149.4 lb

The Weight Watchers weight tracker still has my weight loss from 3 years ago in it, so the damn thing keeps showing me as having gained 16 pounds. Way to dig it in! Anyway, I lost 3.6 lb this week and since there’s no way to tell the tracker that I was simply having womanly bloating issues last week, it scolded me for losing too much weight too fast. Comparison from this week to next week should show my most “accurate” weekly loss.

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  • Anastey

    Trust me when I say you don’t want that Nutrasystem crap! My mom gave me some to try and it was some of the most revolting food I’ve tried to eat and stuffed full of preservatives and nasty things

    Its so much healthier to just eat better and in smaller portions!

  • Totally agree with you!

  • As I have ofetn said I LOVE white litties and so I like too much your today’s bento.
    I’ll try to sign in WWonline but they only want Us resident (or Uk resident and so on… no WW in Italy, it has closed few years ago…). So now I’m studying some new information on WWathome which in present in UK website…
    Give a look to what Nutrasystem is… Ehmm…
    I’ll think that these diets will never become popular in Italy! Thanks to God!

  • Thanks for the heads up on the give away 🙂

    Also: I would be totally put off by such a tracker. It would demotivate me.
    I love your lasagna bento 🙂 Is it eaten at room temperature? I get questions in my blog about lasagna on room temperature, but my BF always heats it up at work, so I have no clue if you can 🙂

  • Thanks so much for posting the information about the giveaway!! Entered, let’s see what happens!! 🙂 Finally got my copy of the book in last week and I LOVE it!!!

  • Bridgett

    About the tracker, you can go in and reset your weight at any time. That way you don’t have to live with the old goals and weights. I kept mine on their for years but just last year around December decided to reset my weight tracker since it wasn’t very helpful with all of that old info in it.

  • Wow I had no idea they closed WW in the UK down! I thought it was doing really well there. 🙁

  • I actually keep some paper plates at work and I heated up the lasagna on that!

  • Good luck Jessi! Glad you love the book!

  • After you posted this I went to go try, but couldn’t figure it out. Then I decided I’d like to keep my old weight info in there just so that I could see where I was before too!

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  • gorgeous!