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Hamburger Goulash Bento

Have you ever had one of those days where one thing just begins to snowball and make the rest of your day a complete crapfest? Today was one of those days and as a result, Mr. Pikko and I were two flaming fireballs of rage by evening.

Ever since we moved in, our kitchen faucet has leaked when turned off, so we have to turn it slightly up and to the right to get it to stop dripping completely. There’s a sweet spot to it and pretty much anyone who comes over doesn’t remember and he and I constantly walk into the kitchen to find the water silently streaming out or dripping furiously. So on Sunday, Mr. Pikko finally bought a new fixture and today he called a plumber from Diamond Head Plumbing to come and install it. Plumbers charge by the hour and are frighteningly expensive, but whatever, it was a fancy pants faucet and needed to be done right.

I’m at work getting the play by play from him and turns out the hole in our sink is too small and the plumber decided to try and pry it open with a screwdriver. THIS SOUNDS SMART! Eventually, I hear that the faucet is out, the plumber has given up, and we owe him $232. So now Mr. Pikko has to go to a hardware store and buy a faucet that fits and just install it himself, cause the hell with paying this guy anymore money, right? So now I can’t take my bike to the shop to get my front fender fixed (it fell off), I have to pick up the kids, and I can’t cook dinner.

I order food from Curry House and realize that I left my purse in the van, which Mr. Pikko had taken to the hardware store. I had to drive over there and pick it up, then picked up Baby Girl. Something in the back of my mind told me that Curry House might only accept cash, so I called them up and asked if they take credit cards. She said yes.

I arrive at Curry House, whiny kids in tow, give her my credit card and she says, “Oh! Sorry! Cash only!” WTF? I told her I called and asked and she’s like, “Oh, I thought you said gift cards.”


Really? “Hello, do you accept your own gift cards?”

She tells me that Nijiya Market next door gives cash back, so I go in there, grab some stuff, give in to buying gum, and ask the cashier if I can get cash with my card. She says yes. I’m about to do it when she says it has to be a debit card, which I don’t have. Oh. Right. So I ask if I can write a check. She says yes. I’m writing in the amount when she says, “No no! No cash!” WHATEVER LADY! I gave her the cash I had to pay for what I’d bought just to get cash and left with no cash. After that I was so pissed I just drove the kids home and got money from my Husband ATM. At this point I was so completely pissed and so was he for being completely ripped off by the plumber and then just doing the faucet install himself. Turns out, the plumber was even more clueless than previously though, as he told Mr. Pikko that he bought the wrong size faucet when they’re all that size in that brand.

Okay, venting over. That feels better.

Hamburger Goulash Bento

I packed this lunch in an EasyLunchBox due to size and laziness. In the large compartment is some leftover Hamburger Goulash, which is a recipe my mom used to make a lot. It’s one of my favorite cheap comfort foods. I’ll blog about that eventually on Learn2Cook, right now I’m kind of backed up on posts. In the medium compartment is some leftover shrimp stir fry and then the last of my blueberries for dessert.

I seriously can’t believe that it’s now approaching mid-February. I have to start brainstorming Valentine’s bento ideas to get into the lovey bento spirit of things. I didn’t have time to enter CasaBento’s contest due to general busyness, which is sad because I had hoped to enter.

Hamburger Goulash Bento Points Calculation

2/3 cup rice – 3 points
1 1/2 serving Hamburger Goulash – 7 points
1/4 serving Shrimp Stir Fry – 1 point
blueberries – 0 points

Total: 11 points

Snacks: local orange, cuties

Weight: 148.2 lb

Woo, weight loss! I was pretty happy about that one, but probably won’t repeat it tomorrow due to today’s big lunch and Curry House dinner, even though I only ate half a plate. The lunch I packed today was way too much food for me and I stupidly just ate it all in one sitting out of laziness. My stomach should never be bursting and that’s what I ended up doing today.

On the bright side, my dad sent us some mangoes, rambutan, and dragon eyes!

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  • Justine

    Sorry to hear about your bad day–hope your week goes better! Its funny that you didn’t end up entering the Casabento contest; if you did, I probably would’ve been too psyched out to enter. I looove your blog, and you’re like an internet celebrity to me, and the bento equivalent of Bobby Flay! haha.

  • Julie

    Damn, that sounds like an annoying day. I have a sort of fear of plumbers, as as much as four times in a month they’ve been outside my dormroom, confusedly plucking at things, asking me if I know which bathroom’s broken. There are three bathrooms in this part of the dorm, and I know one of them’s been fine.
    Happily living at a dorm may mean bentoing (and cooking in general) is difficult, but at least I don’t have to keep everything working.
    Hope tomorrow’s better, and I <3 your blog.

  • Demi-Plum

    I simply wouldn’t have paid the man. If he damaged your sink while trying to get the faucet out. That’s his fault and not yours. Since he didn’t get anything accomplished no money. But if a jobs not done right then I don’t believe it should be paid for, unless the person did all they could, and apologized to you about it.
    It can’t get any worse than this though. It can only go up from here! And yay for you losing more weight!

  • Kimi

    Sorry you had a bad day – I’ve had several of those so just brush it off and move on. You should talk to the owner of DH plumbing and see whether they can adjust the bill since they didn’t complete it – or write to Action Line, KHON.

  • I wouldn’t have paid the plumber either. Get on the internet to see how to fix your fender. It’s probably just a nut missing off a bolt. Something my Daddy told me many years ago… always keep a 20 tucked back behind the crap in your wallet. It infuriates me when stores get picky about what cards they take. I’ve been know to say, “so I guess you’ll sell this cold food to the next fool who orders from you?”

  • Doh! Thanks for saying something so nice, but I’ll have to take that into consideration next time there’s a contest. :O

  • Thanks Julie!

  • I know, but technically he did come out and do *something*. He changed some valves and removed the faucet. I think that the company should have given us a discount or something though.

  • Mr. Pikko’s opinion is that it was our fault that we bought a faucet too big, but imo he messed up our sink by trying to bend it himself. You would think he knows enough to be able to say right off the bat, “I can’t install this.” instead of wasting more time and costing us more.

  • Since I only bought the bike a week ago, the shop says they’ll fix it for me.

    I usually do have a 20 tucked away!! However, I used it last week and forgot to replace it. 🙁

  • Demi-Plum

    Still, at least a discount, an “I’m an idiot discount” would be better than nothing.

  • Laura

    Dang, was that Tuesday?
    I had an exceptionally bad Wednesday, wanna hear?

    {c&p from fb} I’m still not feeling well but had a bunch of errands planned for today. Was rushed as usual but only left about 5 minutes late. Go out to find van is covered in thick ice and Joel stole my windshield scraper that morning (A…ND won’t answer his cell). So I do a few windows with a used Tim Hortons gift card, but the front one is so bad I have to run to the neighbours (which is a jog because of all the snow no shortcuts are possible) to borrow their scraper. Then I need $$ so I go to the drive thru ATM but my window won’t open so I go inside but when I go to use my new debit card it turns out the new PIN is *not* in the envelope where it is supposed to be. So I have to go back home and get my chequebook and I’m already 45 minutes late leaving town!
    Then I get to my 1st destination, after getting lost for a short time because I went north instead of south, and shortly after leaving there, Amy pukes a TON into the backseat, right where a huge pile of their toys and books are! She never gave any indication she felt sick. So I pull over to clean it up and see how she is, but my van gets stuck in the snow!!! I have to wait 55 minutes for CAA to get me out.

  • OMG ouch!!! So sorry that you had a similar really crappy day!! Hope today was better!

  • Clarisa

    I just saw this post today. Sorry you had such a bad experience with the plumber. Since I’m married to one, I can tell you they aren’t all like that. Just like with all professions there are good ones and bad ones.