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Nutella Breakfast Party

About a month ago, I entered myself into a drawing to be one of a bunch of mommy bloggers chosen to host a Nutella Party, much like my POM Wonderful dinner a few months back. I was one of the lucky ladies chosen and MommyParties and Nutella sent me a box of goodies to hold a nice little breakfast party. I was supposed to host the party by the 21st, but since I only got my box of materials on the 18th, they let me have an extension, which I really appreciate because I couldn’t get anyone to come so last minute!

Nutella Party

I was busy cleaning the house, so I got Baby Girl to get all the party bags ready, which she loved doing. Each gift bag came with recipe cards, a coupon, a Nutella sample, a Nutella spreader, and a Nutella coffee mug. I told her to make the bag look full, as the cup with papers looked a bit empty in one half of the bag. I was quite proud of her for figuring out that she could lay the box for the cup down flat. For our breakfast, I bought Roman Meal Honey Oat bread, whole wheat tortillas, English muffins, cinnamon toasties, strawberries, and a gala apple.

I had invited a bunch of my cousins to the party and since my family hasn’t seen them in a while, I told them they were more than welcome to bring their kids. My cousins all went on a baby booming spree a couple years after I had Baby Girl, so we had a house full of little kids.

Nutella Party

Here’s the coffee mug, along with the jar of Nutella they sent me with some funky looking spreaders. We tried to figure out what the oddly shaped end was for, but all one of my cousins could come up with was that it looked like a heeled boot. LOL!

Toast and Muffins

My toaster oven is broken, so I had to broil these in the oven, flipping the toast over once. The kids were more interested in the fruits, so us moms ate the bread and nutella.

Toast with Nutella and apples

Here’s a slice of toast that I tried with Nutella and apples. It was okay. I preferred the strawberry topping instead.

English Muffin with Strawberries

Here’s an English muffin with sliced strawberries. And oh my freaking god there’s a hair on it!! I sure hope I removed it before eating. (and that it was mine…) This is really good. I actually ate this for breakfast again this morning.

Cinnamon Toasties

Baby Girl can’t eat Nutella because she has a nut allergy, but she loved the cinnamon toasties. She left one untouched on her plate so I snagged it to eat.

Nutella Party

I meant to take more photos, but it was pretty chaotic with so many munchkins running around that I ended up missing most of my photo opportunities. My cousins had all seen Nutella in Costco before, but since they hadn’t tried it before, weren’t really into the idea of buying two 26 oz jars at once. It was a great way for them to taste it without taking the risk of not liking it.

Nutella basically tastes like a sweet melted chocolate and so it goes without saying that they all really enjoyed it. After we stuffed ourselves with tons of carbs, we went outside to play with the kids. Baby M had just learned to walk and she totally loved Max. Baby Girl kept touching her on the top of her head because her hair was so soft. Baby C godzillaed into my carrot bed, but fortunately only stomped on one. The older kids ran around yelling like kids tend to do. All in all a great day and I’d like to thank Nutella for sending us the fun gift bags and Nutella samplers.

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  • caroline

    Yum, looks delicious! I LOVE Nutella and could never live without it. It’s a classic in every European home.
    Does make sense that the spreader is shapped as a heel boot since Ferrero is an Italian company.
    I wish i attended a Nutella party myself. You try it with banana slices on crepes: it’s to DIE for!!!!

  • RCFoodie

    Hi Pikko! I think I figured out what that spreader is for, and why it’s so funky! Does it have anything to do w/ cleaning out the jar when it’s empty? Like, the ridges “fit” in the bottom of the jar and you can scrape the sides? BIL loves Nutella in crepes. I’m not a nut girl so I haven’t tried it, but he swears they are the best!

  • I love nutella! It’s so good on Marias (Mexican cookies) and on puff pastries.

  • OMG I love Nutella! I am addicted to the stuff. I was afraid to buy, too, though the commercials had intrigued me. The wholesale club here sells a 3-pack of the smaller jars, but I prefer to buy single larger jars.

    I eat Nutella on toast for a snack anytime. I think it would be good with banana slices. It makes a great s’more, too! I spread marshmallow fluff on a graham cracker, then spread Nutella on top of that.

  • Michelle

    I am pretty sure the odd shaped end of the spreader will work well to scrape out the last bits from the jar. Hopefully the spreader blade is long enough so you don’t get your knuckles covered in Nutella from the jar edge while you scrape the bottom clean.

  • Becca

    I used to buy the smaller containers of nutella when I was at university as when the chocolate spread was finished with, it made a perfectly fine drinking glass. Sure I was loosing out on a bit of cash by buying a smaller jar, but a free glass? woo!

    Heard a lady in the USA is trying to sue nutella because it isn’t a healthy snack. :p It’s made from chocolate, what did she expect?

    Although your way of eating it, Pikko, looks so much more healthy than just spreading it on white bread toast!

  • I used to eat Nutella all the time (I love chocolate and Hazelnuts, the best flavor combination ever), but I stopped because of the calories. I still eat it once and a while as a treat (very rarely) I believe the spreader is shaped that way so you can get every little bit of nutella out of the jar.

  • WOW, Nutella party?! Love Nutella, I guess like all the European kids, it’s our peanut butter here! Why don’t we have these over here?!

  • Wow that was a great breakfast it seems! It’s fun to read about how Nutella tastes as here in Europe we can’t imagine that there is some place where people don’t know how delicious Nutella is!!! Like the other ones I think the spreader is made to get every little bit of Nutella out of the jar (useful because it is really easy to let some of the product dry if you don’t scrape the jar).

  • Serena

    The shape of the spreader is meant to clean the jar of all remnants of Nutella. One of the ridges fits well under the lip of the jar (where it’s really hard to get a knife under and I resort to using my finger…) and the other scrapes the bottom. Also useful with peanut butter jars. Mmmm…

  • those little bumps and cut out in the spreader are to get up under the lip of the jar… gotta get ALL the goodness!

  • OMG I love nutella! I use it for breakfast as well as dessert for my little guy. I used to buy them at the stores (Times, Don Quixote, etc all had them) because Costco ones are huge and comes with 2 which I didn’t think I would make that much use of it. I gave in and bought from Costco after buying 3 at retail, and gave one to my in-law. Breakfast I spread one slice english muffin with peanut butter top with bananas, drizzle honey, the other I spread nutella. I also do that with pancakes sometimes. I also mix them in oatmeal instead of putting chocolate chips. That reminds me, I need to do a french toast one someday…mmMMmmm!

  • Oh yes and crepes! No need spend a fortune at le crepe cafe. Make your own version, nutella, banana, strawberries, and coconut flakes. I’m hungry for dessert now… =(

  • So I’ve heard! My former co-worker was from Paris and she was nutty about Nutella! 🙂

  • LOL you are a genius!

    I haven’t made crepes before… maybe if I get brave I’ll try…

  • I have never heard of Marias! I’ll have to look those up!

  • I did buy the Costco pack, so now I have those two plus the one Nutella sent me! lol

  • Ah, but dirty Nutella knuckles means I’ve gotten some off the jar!

  • LOL! I do that with furikake bottles! They make really great juice glasses!

  • Yeah, I’ll have to make sure I only eat it on occasion. I’ve eaten Nutella and peanut butter sandwiches, but it totally overpowers the peanut butter!

  • Haha, because you don’t need convincing to eat it!

  • I think I’ll have some for breakfast today! 😀

  • Oh hmm, never thought of using it for peanut butter too!

  • So I’ve now heard, thanks! 😀

  • I saw a recipe for nutella french toast and I totally need to try that!